Friday, July 23, 2010


Every time my assistant takes a vacation, I get the opposite of a vacation. Next week I'll be doing her job and my job at the same time. I dread such weeks. You may not hear much from me, depending on how things go. So here are a few updates on my life as you know it.

1) My step-dad went for an angiogram yesterday to check out the heart problems he was having. The results were "inconclusive". He has to go for another type of test next week. I'm taking this as a good sign. It's way better than "OMG we have to rush this man into immediate surgery." It's looking like he has some issues that can probably be managed with long-term medication. Muy bien!

2) Last night my step-dad and my mom made their first public appearance as a couple since their breakup two and a half years ago. My uncle reported that "They were holding hands like two lovebirds." That's nice. I hope things continue to work out. I'm still a little wary of it all going pear-shaped, but so far, so good.

3) I have been feeling kind of low-energy for the last few weeks, probably due to all of my worries (see 1) and 2), above) so I haven't been practicing my banjo. I have apologized to it, and explained the situation, and have promised it some quality time once I'm feeling better.

I have a pretty good weekend lined up. Tonight: dinner with a friend and then we're going to see "Inception". Sounds like an interesting premise. Then Saturday I might meet up with a girlfriend to eat out and catch up on life. On Sunday Ken and I are having dinner with my mom and step-dad; our first time together as a family since 2007. How do I feel about it? A little bit of every feeling there is. For some reason I can't get this irritating phrase out of my head. My co-worker always jokes about getting together with "The whole Fam Damily." I can't stand that phrase, and yet there it is. The whole Fam Damily, indeed.


Warped Mind of Ron said...

OK.... I know I'm juvenile and all that but, "Then Saturday I might meet up with a girlfriend to eat out..." totally sounded wrong in my head. I can't help it!!!

Glad things are going well with your parents hope it stays that way.

LL Cool Joe said...

Glad you are having a nice weekend in front of you. Makes up for all the hard work!

Good news about your step dad and mum too. I hope it continues to go well.

DarcsFalcon said...

Good news on your bonus dad! You are right, if it had been critical, they'd have been rushing him into some kind of treatment right away. Clearly they don't believe there's anything immediately life-threatening going on.

And good for your parents too, taking that step of publicly re-entering couplehood. It's never an easy thing to do - so many conflicting emotions for the people who know and love them and have had to deal with so much negative. But they have a lot of support. :)

Sorry about the extra work week. They call them assistants for a reason, and really, their job is to assist, and they should only get time off when you do! ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon hon. :)

Jameil said...

I love that you had a little talk with your banjo! Here's hoping you get to spend a little more QT with it & have a great weekend WITHOUT work talk or think!

Karen said...

Can you hire a temp to fill in for your assistant when she is out? I used them in my office all the time.

Glad things are going well for your mom and stepdad.