Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shuffling Along

Probably the most exciting thing that I've done this week is take a chance on a new kind of cookie. They're maple syrup flavoured creme-filled sandwich cookies. I haven't opened the bag yet. It's one of those things that could go either way: really good or really gross. If they sound good to you, TOUGH LUCK! They're only available in Canada. Since most of you aren't Canadian, you'll have to drool in helpless jealousy of me and my potentially delicious cookies.

I have been watching the movie Rent from a DVD, in installments. I can't handle more than around 45 minutes of sincere rock opera at a time. It's fun, but it's just, it's intense. Two and a half hours run-time. My attention span for we-sing-almost-every-line-of-dialogue theatre-with-a-conscience is limited.

Nothing much else is going on, because I'm still too fricking tired. I've run myself down working 8-hour days this week (Monday through Wednesday). Even getting driven to work and back again every day doesn't help enough. I'm dragging my feet like they're made of lead. CURSES! It's frustrating. Next doctor appointment: two hours from now. Goal: get a referral to a hematologist. This chronic fatigue thing is not working out for me!

Yes, I will be leaving early today and working a short day tomorrow. Yes, I know I shouldn't be pushing myself. But to a certain extent I have to experiment with my limits to see whether I've improved or not. I'm not being a martyr to work; I'm just being a little too optimistic with regards to my stamina experiments.

At least work is back on track. A few people in my department went and lost their minds while I was away. I had to come back and clean up a huge political mess that came up because some folks can't handle themselves or get along with others without my direct supervision. I was disappointed, but not surprised. At least it's been well-established now, in the minds of my bosses, that I'm indispensible. Just in case they weren't already convinced. That's always a good thing.


Jenski said...

Nice form of job security. :-) Hope the dr. goes well!

DarcsFalcon said...

It only makes sense that maple flavored cookies are only available in Canada. I hope they're yummy. :)

And way to go on the indispensable thing! That's a jewel to be in today's economy!

Looking forward to the check up news. :)

Jameil said...


ROTFL @ My attention span for we-sing-almost-every-line-of-dialogue theatre-with-a-conscience is limited. We are --->here<---