Saturday, April 13, 2013

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Friday was the best day ever!  I met a girlfriend who I've known since grade school and we went to the Green Living Show.  I wasn't sure exactly what we'd see there, but I'd gotten my hands on some free entry coupons, and that was reason enough for us.

The show consisted of a giant conference hall filled with exhibitors relating to health food and environmental friendliness.  A random list of some of the exhibitors:  vegan shoes (no leather); products made from recycled tiles (mulch, roofing, flooring); recycling businesses; aromatherapy oils; "green" cars; and lots and lots of healthy/organic food.  Also, a wildlife conservation group was there with some live birds, to remind us why living green is important.  I fell in love with this beautiful owl.

My friend and I made the rounds, and free-sampled about a quazillion different kinds of chips, cheeses, teas, sorbets, nut bars, juices, etc.  Then we paid money to participate in the official tasting zone, where the attractions included fish tacos, organic wine, and bacon butter tarts.  My friend and I shared a tiny bacon butter tart (basically one bite each) and it wasn't all that.  It was just like a regular butter tart, but saltier.  Her fish taco was good.  My pulled pork on potato medallions was disappointing, as the mini potatoes were leathery.  I topped it all off with a cone of dandelion ice cream.  No, it wasn't green, or yellow.  It was made from dandelion root, and tasted like coffee.  I am definitely a fan of dandelion ice cream.

Maybe because I had so much fun yesterday, today wasn't my day.  Among other things:

  • Someone I had plans to meet with was 45 minutes late.  I stuck around because she did text me at the actual meeting time, to let me know she'd gotten wrapped up in her reading and was just leaving the house.  This is why I always plan to meet people in bookstores.  At least I had something to read while I was waiting.
  • For no reason at all a salesperson in a store started asking me really annoying questions in an obnoxious tone of voice.  "Did you buy that purse to match your sweater?  Haha, just kidding!"  "Do you always look like you're smiling?"  Well, not anymore.  Now shut your wordhole and go away.
  • I bought a really tasty-looking fruity soda, but I couldn't get the top off the bottle.  It wasn't a twist-top.  I went back to the store, but they had misplaced their bottle opener.  I ended up trading the soda for a water, which was disappointing, and it was going to be such a hassle to get the $ 1.79 difference refunded that I just walked away from the hopelessly unhelpful woman on cash. Her suggestion was that I take a second bottle of water as part of my refund, but who wants to carry an extra half-litre of water around all day?  Nay, not I.
  • I went to another store to buy some groceries on my way home.  There were some girls paying with small change, and they were taking forever.  I left that till, where no one was waiting behind me, and went to the next one.  The guy at that counter told me his till was closed, and I should go back to the other one.  A woman who had been hovering in the area and had seen this whole chain of events turned around and walked ahead of me to the next till, and then stood in line in front of me, even though clearly I should have been in front. On a normal day I wouldn't have cared, but today I almost said something to her.  Like, really?  You're just going to shove in front of me like that?  However, one never knows when one is dealing with a psycho, so I thought I wouldn't make my day any worse by confronting her.  I'm such a typical mild-mannered Canadian!


DarcKnyt said...

You are mild-mannered Spark, but we love you for it. And don't worry. I see bright, sunny things for your future. I'm sorry your day was trying, but you've got a great attitude and it will be rewarded in kind.

Have a better one tomorrow. We're rooting for you.

Granny Annie said...

Sometime people annoy me to death and other times I love interactions with strangers. Hope the ones you meet and greet going forward will be only friendly people.

wigsf3 said...

I know why liked the owl. You like hooters.


Tracy Moore said...

The green living show with your friend sounds like fun. Love owls! I have them all over my apartment...of course no live ones.

I don't think that your icky following day was punishment lol.

It does sound like one annoying thing after another for sure. The jump ahead in line I know that type and they make me have cart rage! I don't say anything either usually because as you said, you never know! Hope that today is better for you my friend. Hugs

Warped Mind of Ron said...

OMG! It would be so cool to meet a real owl. I wouldn't be able to resist asking it how many licks it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop! I'm sure those commercials misrepresented whatever the owl actually said.

Jameil said...

An owl lives in my mom's neighborhood and occasionally perches in a tree in her front yard. Bad potatoes infuriate me. I love potatoes! To waste one with poor cooking... :( I often get stuck with overly chatty or supremely slow cashiers at the grocery store. In my most frequent two stores, I have figured out the two to avoid. I won't go to their lane if they're open, everyone else has 30+ items.

Lynn said...

I hope the rest of your week has been better!

LL Cool Joe said...

It's funny how you can walk into a shop and the interaction with a member of staff can be really nice and then another time so irritating that you wanna tip your bottle of water over them. :D

Vanessa T said...

The owl is lovely! I met a snow owl when I was little and fell in love. :)

I'm sorry about your yucky day! Rude people, lots of inconvenience, general irritations all over the place it seems. I hope you got a lovely dinner and evening at the end, to make up for it all.