Sunday, July 21, 2013


I'm not sure how, but I managed to survive this week's heat wave.  My brain feels a little overcooked.  I do believe I'll recover.

Things at work are hairy as usual.  The nasty legal proceedings I alluded to previously are still an ongoing concern.  Every time we think that we're nearing a resolution, one of the players throws a monkey wrench into the works.  I don't know the details, I only know that my boss has been telling me it'll all be sorted out in a week or two for a year now.

Here's my pet peeve of the week: people not reading their e-mails.  Specifically the ones from me.  I know that the people I work with are busy, so I take great care to pare my messages down to the bare essentials.  I can't even tell you how many times my colleagues have claimed they weren't informed of one thing or another despite my having e-mailed them about it.  I don't know what's worse, when they don't notice the message at all, or when they only bother to read the subject line and come to me for a face-to-face question session about all the rest.  Look, the reason why I sent an e-mail to that distribution list of 18 people is because I don't have time to speak to everyone individually about this stuff.  Read your damn e-mail, people!


Moving on...  My frustrations were made up for by a great workplace kitchen conversation with a couple of my more sensible co-workers.  They both had some eyebrow-raising paranormal stories to share.  I can't remember how we got onto the subject, but one had lived in a haunted house where windows flew open and closed by themselves and a cross jumped off a wall and across the room with no visible motivation.  The other had had visitations from her long-passed Uncle Howard.  She didn't see him, but her nieces (who were born after he died) did, and described him as wearing the clothes that he was buried in.  So that was pretty fascinating.

Since the temperature finally dropped below a raging broil today, I went for a walk.  I passed this giant robot, but I wasn't scared because he was in a cage.

I find these "No Pooping" signs in my area quite funny.  The dog looks so nervous and guilty.  "Oh no!  I pooped in a no pooping zone!  I'm gonna get in so much trouble..."

I got my step-dad a shirt for his upcoming birthday.  It's a pretty ordinary golf shirt.  Not so the gift bag that I found for him.  He's going to love it!

It's kittens!  And the handle is furry!  And there are rainbows!  Isn't that the best?


Jenski said...

I have found that undergraduate students, as connected as they are, are horrible at reading and noting important announcements from emails! It amazes me.

Glad you had fun adventures after the heat broke. I ventured out more than I should've during the heat wave and am enjoying writing in my couch with a cool breeze coming in the window. I've this far resisted the temptation to nap. :-)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Be careful of the robot, I have a feeling it's run by squirrels.

DarcKnyt said...

Oh, hey, I just love a walk with a giant robot in it! And who DOESN'T love furry-handle rainbow kitten bags, I asks ya?!

You and I share that email peeve. I had a manager who used to skim them, and not pay much attention. Now my manager doesn't bother with them at all. If I want him to read them I mark them urgent.


Adam said...

cute kitty bag

LL Cool Joe said...

When I say that bag is so gay, I do not mean it in an offensive way, as if, I mean it would be the perfect bag to use for the LGBT community.

And that dog should look guilty, I'm sick of people allowing their dogs to poop on my front lawn. In fact I may get one of those signs myself. :D

Sparkling Red said...

Jenski: Don't resist the nap. Naps are wonderful things.

Ron: I did see a few running around nearby.

DarcKnyt: Considering your manager's attitude, I suppose it's ironic that my other pet e-mail peeve is people who mark every e-mail they send me as urgent, even when it's not.

Thanks Adam!

Joey: Dogs aren't my biggest poop problem. No one is picking up after the Canada geese in the park near my office; I have to play "dodge the goose poop hopscotch" on my walk from the bus every day.

Lynn said...

That really does look like a robot. :) Good eye! And the poor dog in the sign does look as if he is feeling shame.

I hope the bag is a hit!

G. B. Miller said...

Small side note: Originally, the word "gay" meant "happy" (aka "The Gay Nineties"), thus why it became an offensive word to say is beyond me.

Anyhow, not reading e-mails seems to be a given in my workplace. I can't tell you how many times people say "I didn't get it" or "It must've got deleted by accident when I was getting a bunch of e-mails about something else", when I know full well they got it because more often than not, I'll blind copy myself for a paper trail.

Granny Annie said...

Oh dear, I have been guilty of reading a subject line of an email and jumping to conclusions without reading the content. Yikes!

Vanessa T said...

Yay for weather cool downs in summer! We've been having a cool spell down here, which is amazing in late July.

I totally LOVE the gift bag for your step-dad! Some of my favorite things all rolled into one, right there! LOL Great call on that one, Spark, it's sure to be a hit. :D