Sunday, August 4, 2013

Leopard is In

Yesterday I went for a walk and I took some pictures so that it would be like taking you guys along with me.  Are you ready?

The first stop was at my favourite shmata store.  Look at those prices!  Sun dresses for $6!  Hoodies for $13!  How could you go wrong?  Okay, I'll admit it, you could still go wrong.  But I did pick up a nice pair of pink sweatpants for my couch potato act at home.  They were a steal at $10, and they are very comfy.

I walked past the William Ashley store.  They may be snotty and overpriced, but they're not above using a pun for a window display.

Since I was in Yorkville, I took some notes on the latest fashions.  Stripes are still in.  Even basset hounds are wearing them.

Also, inexplicably, leopard spots are in.  Here is a sweater that says "Love" backwards and forwards, with three-quarter length leopard-print sleeves.  Is it just me, or are fashion designers getting desperate?  I mean, it seems like they'll do anything to produce original clothing, regardless of whether or not it actually looks good.


The mall is under renovation.  I guess they think this is cute.  Kind of a chick-lit book-cover style of shopping encouragement.  Ladies!  Don't let your enthusiasm be dampened by the scaffolding!

Here is the leopard look for men.  Are all you guys  paying attention?  I expect you to study the mannequin and make sure this look is in your wardrobe for Saturday night on the town.  Or maybe even casual Friday at work, if you're feeling bold.

I did not buy any leopard print anything.  I did manage to finally spend the rest of a gift certificate that I've been carrying around since my last birthday.  (It's almost my next birthday.)  I bought a new cardigan (fuchsia, summer weight) because I am of the opinion that I can never have too many cardigans.

Finally, I stopped in at the library, where I discovered another pun.  IMHO this one is better than William Ashley's.  I approve.


Warped Mind of Ron said...

I'm thinking that leopard shirt may be just a touch to much with my leopard spandex pants.

Sparkling Red said...

You've got to mix it up a little. Wear it with the zebra spandex pants.

Tracy Moore said...

Noooo...why on earth did they bring back leopard spots? lol

DarcKnyt said...

Are you SURE that's a MAN'S wardrobe with the denim vest and leopard spot...thing?

I LOVED that last pun. Excellent (eh?)!


Vanessa T said...

HAHAHA! Love that pun! That's awesome! :D

Well, leopard may be "in" everywhere else, but it's still "out" in my closet. As are the rest of the animals, lol. I'll just have to live with being out of fashion, I suppose. :)

Great photo shoot Spark! As always. :)

Lynn said...

Love The Great Wall of China! (I kind of didn't mind the leopard sleeve top.) And that last one - you must have to be Canadian to get it. :)

Granny Annie said...

I am so out of touch with fashion. I need a loose fitting top, practical pants (mostly jeans)and boots (depending on the season). I would shop at Bag Lady Fashions if there was such a place:)My chickens think I'm pretty as long as I'm carrying feed.

Sparkling Red said...

Tracy: I always thought that leopard spots and other animal prints were reserved for Women of a Certain Age (which I am fast approaching). Now they're for all ages, I guess. Next we'll be seeing leopard onesies.

DarcKnyt: No man worthy of the name would wear that outfit. A boy, perhaps, or a guy, but not a man.

Vanessa: Thanks! And it's good to know that someone at the library has a sense of humour, isn't it?

Lynn: I wouldn't mind that sweater if it had normal sleeves. And probably the right person could make it look great as it is. But I am not that person.

Granny Annie: I bet you could open an online store called Bag Lady Fashions for women who hate to shop, and you'd be a huge success!

LL Cool Joe said...

I actually bought a black leather and leopard skin hoodie from Korea. I checked to see if any other cool guys were were wearing it. I'm not sure Kanye West counts though.

I think I can rock it. You know me, I'll give anything ott a go. :D