Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Next Plague is: Ice

I am cozily tucked up in fleecy jammies and sheepskin booties in my warm, bright home.  Lucky me!  CBC news estimates that a quarter of a million people in Toronto are currently without power, and some of them may not get it restored until Christmas.  Bah humbug.

I can never quite get my head around calling this type of weather an ice storm.  It's not at all stormy.  If the air temperature were a few degrees warmer, it would be nothing more than "persistent drizzle".

Ice has been building up slowly but surely since yesterday evening.  I almost wiped out on a slick patch on the way to my friends' house.  But that was on a little-used walkway in my condo complex. Once I got to the main streets things weren't too bad.

Arriving at my friends' house, I left my open umbrella on their porch.  When I emerged again, several hours later, it was encrusted with ice.  I had to do a little extra work to collapse the canopy.  It was crispy.

We took the drive home slowly.  The roads had enough traffic on them to keep them above freezing.  But a few miles from home we hit a blacked out zone.  No street lights.  Dark homes.  I assumed we'd get through it, but on and on it went.  We looked hopefully for electric lights, but only saw them on in a few institutional buildings, of the type that has backup power.  By the time we were almost home and still in the dark, I had steeled myself for a long, cold night.

We saw a greenish flash light up the sky as a transformer exploded.

But lo and behold, two blocks from home we discovered: electricity!  Our neighbourhood, which we affectionately refer to as Condotropolis, was just outside the blackout zone.  Like I said, lucky us.  I do feel badly for all those people who weren't so fortunate.

We're not completely off the hook yet.  There's more freezing drizzle in the forecast, and, just as worrisome, gusting winds.  Ken and I have flashlights, candles, and extra blankets laid out, just in case.

Here's where I wish I could post the photo I took of a gorgeously ice-encrusted tree outside my window, however I can't get any cell service today (clearly some ice-related issue), and I'm too lazy to start downloading apps to make my Android phone talk to my Mac home computer, so that's that.


LL Cool Joe said...

Nothing worse than a crispy canopy. :D

Well aren't you the lucky ones then, with your power and heating! Both our boilers died yesterday and we are relying on a few electric heaters, and several layers of clothing.

But I'm glad you are both okay, but I feel sorry for the people with no power, that is no fun at all!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Glad you survived the ice and have electricity. I think you narrowly avoided that plague, now if you just avoid the zombies... wait, someone did tell you about the zombies, right???

DarcKnyt said...

I hate freezing rain and drizzle; it's a nemesis of mine. But at least you're safe and well, and I hope those without power will be too. God willing, they have someplace they can go if things don't improve soon.

Hope you dodge the icy bullet and retain power throughout Spark. God bless and Merry Christmas!

Granny Annie said...

We had the ice too. Lots of ice and the trees dropped their limbs like bombs. The crashing all around was frightening. I feared driving to church yesterday but others seemed to be moving well on the road to I decided to try it. The roads were completely normal. I only had to watch out for ice covered trees hanging over the road that might drop on my car as I passed under them. Glad you had power and hope you continue to have light and warmth.

Lynn said...

It's always so good to have the emergency flashlights, etc. Stay warm!

G. B. Miller said...

Fortunately no ice here as temps have been stubbornly stuck in the hi 40's/lo 50's (bizarre I know). So we're expecting that kind of garbage within the next month or so.

Vanessa T said...

Praying for you, Spark! And for all the rest up there without power. I'm praying yours stays on, because we all know sparks and electricity go together. :D

*hugs* you. Stay warm and toasty and have a wonderful Christmas!

Oh, PS! You don't need an app to get your phone to talk to your Mac, just get the Blogger app for your phone, so your phone can post right to your blog. :)

You might even be able to tell that link to send directly to your phone, depending on what you have linked with what. :)

Jenski said...

All the more reason to have it be 29 when precipitating so that it is white and fluffy! Glad you were out of the black zone.