Friday, June 6, 2014

The Dinner Party, Part 2: The Frenzy

Only one thing went wrong; my basil wilted.

In the confusion of preparations, the delicately packaged fresh basil ended up squashed under a bunch of celery in the fridge.  When I pulled it out for use in the tomato-sweet-corn salad, it had gone all dark and squishy.  That was rather disappointing, but easily remedied with dried basil flakes.  The finished product was slightly less pretty than I'd envisioned, but just as tasty.

Other than that, my mom's 70th birthday party dinner was a success.  It went by in a blur.  My main memory is of hands reaching for plates and bowls as people served themselves second and third helpings.  Honestly I was not able to relax and enjoy it; I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, watching for platters that needed to be refilled and anticipating the next thing I'd need to do.  Worrying that I should have bought a second loaf of caraway rye bread.  But at least all of my guests were happy.

Once dessert was served and consumed, I finally relaxed.  And realized that I'd been running on adrenaline.  I was suddenly completely exhausted.  I honestly would have liked to boot everyone out the door as soon as the slowest eater put their fork down after finishing their slice of birthday cake.  Fortunately, as my parents don't own a dishwashing machine, my step-dad had agreed to pay my bubbe's professional caregiver to wash the dishes.  That was a huge load off my shoulders.  But I knew that I still had to clear the table, put the bridge table and all the extra chairs back into the basement, pack up leftovers, etc.  OMG.  I just wanted my bed.

Anyway, finally everything got done and I was free to leave.  Ken was at home nursing a bad cold, so my step-dad offered to give me a lift.  He praised my work on the dinner, and then told me "Welcome to the grown-up world."  Well, maybe I was just tired and cranky, or maybe he was INCREDIBLY INSENSITIVE AND SEXIST for implying that, despite my job in which I carry more responsibility than many people ever have in their whole careers that BECAUSE I AM FEMALE I DON'T GRADUATE TO WOMANHOOD UNTIL I'VE PROVEN MYSELF IN THE KITCHEN.


So I gave him crap for that comment.  He acknowledged the double standard. Then we kissed and made up.  And then I finally arrived home and slept happily ever after.

My mom called me the next day to say she was absolutely thrilled with her party and had a wonderful time.  Mission accomplished!


Lynn said...

That's one of the oddest remarks I've ever heard anyone make - welcome to the grown-up world. I'm glad you gave him crap for that and enjoyed your shouty capitals. :) The dinner sounds lovely and exhausting!

DarcKnyt said...

Wow! That was pretty silly of your stepfather to say, but at least he acknowledged its silliness and you were able to make up. Sounds like no residual damage from the falling out over work-related things you had a few months ago is lingering either. You.Are.Fully.AWESOME.

I've come to trust and rely on your career skills and advice. If there's anyone other than my loving spouse I would pick to plan a party for me, it'd be you, hands-down.

GREAT job, Spark. All praise and glowing admiration from THIS corner of the web. :)

Jenski said...

Congratulations! Glad you straightened your step-father out. :-)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sounds like an excellent party... I wish somebody would throw a party for me.. {achem} ya know just a little party with lots of bacon...

G. B. Miller said...


And success for you giving your step-dad crappola for his comment.

Sparkling Red said...

Lynn: My step-dad is a little loco in the coconut. (He readily admits this.) He also doesn't stop to think before he speaks, more often than not.

DarcKnyt: Thanks! I felt that the only thing that was possibly lacking was a helium balloon bouquet. My fur brothers would have enjoyed that. (Or been utterly terrified by it.)

Jenski: I am getting lots of practice at that lately. Fortunately he's pretty good at hearing me out.

Ron: You know, it's the oddest thing, but Toronto Kosher meat shop told me that they don't sell bacon. Then the server gave me a dirty look. I'll never understand why.

G.B. Double Success! :-)

Granny Annie said...

You have achieved something I will never be able to show my parents. I have never made it to the grown up world so know that you have made a major accomplishment.

LL Cool Joe said...

What a strange thing for you step father to say! Doesn't really make sense even if he was being sexist. Well done for speaking your mind.

Sounds like the whole party was a great success despite the wilting basil ;)

Vanessa T said...

Wow, Spark, you're amazing and I knew that everything would turn out awesome.

Grrr indeed! That comment irked me, too. Not just because of the sexist aspect but goodness, you've been a grown-up for a while, and that was uncalled for. Maybe he had a splash too much of the birthday wine.

I'm glad your mom was so thrilled. :)