Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Fridge Report, No. 2 of ?

New Fridge is here!

Isn't it beautiful?  It may look average to you, but to me it was a sight for sore eyes.

The delivery guys looked just like the pirates from Captain Phillips,

minus the guns and excessive sweatiness. Actually, they were both super-nice and helpful.  This is probably a better representative photo:

I watched them roll the new fridge off the truck, as gently and carefully as though it were a newborn baby.  They pulled off a layer of plastic wrap to reveal it for the first time... and my brand-new fridge had a big dent in its side.  :-(

"Ah, you can see that," said the lead delivery guy.  "Someone must have squeezed it with a forklift at the factory."

In fact, it was so squeezed that the damage went all the way through to the inside.

What?  It looks fine to me.

Oh.  Now I see it: a crack by the light.

Man!  That's disappointing.  

The guy who did all the talking told me that he would call Sears customer service and arrange for an exchange.  I get to keep this fridge for one week, until the new new fridge rolls in on Friday.  The customer service department called me within an hour to confirm the next delivery time.  So, while it's not an ideal situation, I have to give full marks to Sears Canada for timely damage control.

My fridge isn't usually this empty.  I had been letting our supplies run down so as not to tax the cooling powers of the old fridge.  I was looking forward to doing a big, unrestrained shopping trip.  Now I'm still holding back, because I whatever I put into this fridge is going to have to be unpacked next Friday, put into shopping bags out of the way, and then re-loaded into the new fridge.  Darn it, I need cloud storage for my milk and eggs!

Also, let's hope that it's not raining next Friday, so that I don't have to face another round of muddy footprints and handprints.  (The delivery guys had one of those dollies that's a flat, carpeted platform pulled by straps that look like seat belts.  Of course the straps fell into mud puddles outside; then they picked them up from the puddles and got their hands muddy; then they handled the fridge.)  After the guys left I had to swab the decks and give Temporary New Fridge a bath.  #FirstWorldProblems

Please wish me better luck with New New Fridge.  It had better not be a


DarcKnyt said...

*Facepalm!* Goodness, really? Wow. Who knew getting a new fridge would be so tough?

Good luck Spark! And may there be no gremlins to find your NEW new fridge. :)

PhilipH said...

What a terribly disappointing let-down. Life seems to be full of unwanted surprises.

Just to say we hope the replacement arrives in pristine condition and lasts a lifetime.

I reckon they should let you keep the dented fridge as a spare, but only if you have a proper space for it.

Lynn said...

It looks just like mine (minus dent)! Hope the new one is perfect.

Vanessa T said...

D'oh! Crazy forklift drivers! What a shame to have to deal with that twice!

I suppose, letting your supplies run down, shows you what you have and what you need most. And you won't have to worry about finding a nice surprise like ... 7 year old ketchup or something, lol.

Good luck and good eats when the new one comes in! I'm confident it will be perfect. Let the grocery shopping commence! :D

G. B. Miller said...

The new fridge is here! The new fridge is here! We're a somebody now!

Sorry, that classic line from "The Jerk" was calling out to me after reading this post.

Hope the newer one is more aesthetically pleasing than this one.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

You can't expect pirates to capture a fridge without a little damage, it's the nature of the beast. Arrrggg...

LL Cool Joe said...

We are looking into getting a new silver fridge, ours in on it's last legs and gives out a large groan every so often. Mind you, I do that too. Enjoy!

Snowbrush said...

I wish you luck with your new, new, fridge. Be sure they level it right so that the door will close on its own.