Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mall Walk

When in doubt regarding what to do on the weekend, Ken and I go for a mall walk.  It's too hot in the summer?  Rainy in the spring or fall?  Snowy and freezing in the winter?  A walk in the mall is just what the doctor ordered.

Vaughan Mills mall, large and suburban, gives us plenty of room to stretch our legs and lots of good people-watching.  We usually park by the Bass Pro shop, and walk through the hunting and fishing sections on our way to the main mall.  The sign at the entrance is held up by a couple of bears.

One of them is proud and happy because he has a fish.

The other one looks grouchy.

I hate this stupid job.  My paws are tired, my back is killing me... this sign weighs a ton.  I complained to the bear union, but they're not doing a damn thing for me.  They probably spend all my hard-earned dues on honey for their meetings.

Mom was right.  I never should have moved to the big city to get a job.  I thought I could make a career for myself, but I couldn't overcome all the anti-bearism.  I should have stayed in the woods, scratching my belly and eating lumberjacks with maple syrup.  *sigh*

So, what's on trend for fall?  Black, grey, and other dark colours, for starters.  Like every fall.  Bah.  How boring is that?

Also, sack-like tops meant to be worn with leggings by tall, skinny girls.  I mean, some of the tops literally look like two rectangles of cloth sewn together, like a big pillowcase, with holes for a head and arms.  This is the type of fashion that makes it easy for me to keep my money in my wallet.

However, there was some interesting footwear on display.  In case you didn't know, Dr. Martens are back in style.

Now that's what I call colour!  The boots on the left are post-modernistically self-referential.

It's a boot with a print of a boot on it!  If you've ever wanted boots on your boots, your wish has been granted.

There were also ice-cream cone shoes.  On sale from the summer collection, of course.

We didn't end up buying anything except a snack.  But that's okay.  I can enjoy a good mall walk even if I don't make any purchases.  Window shopping is fine with me.


DarcKnyt said...

I used to love mall walks when I had a back that would tolerate them. And, you know, a smaller gut. Still, it's almost like being there, what with your awesome photo essays. :)

And I can totally relate to that bear. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed in the woods eating lumberjacks with maple syrup, too. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Doc Martens never went out of the style! I still have mine from 20 years go, and they still give me blisters. You'll be pleased to know I don't own a pink pair just boring black, brown and a silver pair. ;)

Ginny said...

I love the bear commentary ha ha. He does not seem pleased.

G. B. Miller said...

Yeah, that's something I have to get back into to doing. Used to do that on the weekends whenever I was bored. Good for people watching, gathering story ideas and seeing how the modern person dresses (aka, what's in for fashion, as opposed to David Bowie's Fashion).

Father Nature's Corner

Vanessa T said...

Oooh, I neeed those ice cream shoes! LOL They are awesome!

I can sympathize with your bear friend there. Although, lumberjacks with maple syrup, while tasty, are a bit too crunchy for my tastes. :D

Love your pic posts Spark - this one was awesome like the others you've done. :)