Friday, May 20, 2016

Things she left behind

Bubbe was never a material girl.  She wasn't interested in stuff or things; she was interested in people, and learning.  In part, that can be attributed to her generation; she was in her late teens when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.

As you know, she died at the ripe old age of 99.  Understandably, she had expected that she would die "soon" for a long time before it actually happened. So she didn't bother replacing things, like her bedspread, that were worn and faded.

When it was time for the family to go through her apartment and take stock of the contents, there wasn't much there of objective value.  There was a treasure trove of ancient photos.  And some random objects that, to Bubbe, would have just been her day-to-day things, but to us were remarkable antiques.

The world's oldest office supplies.

A sifter that must be at least 70 years old.

A very Mad Men coffee pot.

The world's oldest adhesive bandages...

... from an era when people didn't think twice about calling one, pale shade "flesh color".

A well-used recipe box, filled with hand-written index cards.

When the box is closed, it looks like a fake antique from Home Sense.

The tabbed cards dividing the different sections are so ancient that they tear at the slightest pressure.  Fortunately I found this out by tugging on the Salads tab.  I would have been much sadder if I had torn Puddings or Jellies.

The most prized possession I have to remind me of both my Bubbe and my Zaidy is a ring that Bubbe gave me a few years ago.  She used to wear it all the time.  Zaidy made it when he took a jewelry-making course shortly after he retired.  It's a silver band with an oval, opaque, orange stone polished smooth and set on top.  It's a precious treasure, and it fits me so well that I can wear it without having it re-sized (which I don't know if I'd do, because that would change it too much).  It represents both of them and their love for each other, so it's the best memento that I could ask for.


LL Cool Joe said...

What an amazing selection of things and she must have really looked after her possessions well. I'm so glad the ring fits without being altered. So are all the above items yours now?

Sparkling Red said...

I didn't take home the sifter or the coffee pot, but the rest of the things live at my house now. :-)

Vanessa T said...

Yes a treasure trove!

Maybe you can laminate those recipe cards and dividers to help protect them.

I'm so glad you have so many of her things. I think that would make her happy, too. She loved you so much, it was clear to see. :) *hugs*

Abby said...

She probably never thought of these items being treasures, but wow! What a great story about the ring.

Granny Annie said...

What a continued story those items tell about your Bubbe. Definitely not a material girl:-)

G. B. Miller said...

What excellent mementos that Bubbe left behind. Definitely things to cherish.

Father Nature's Corner

Claire said...

What beauties there are here. Artefacts of a life to cherish.

LL Cool Joe said...

I would like the coffee pot! :D

Lynn said...

Lovely that you have that ring. I'd want the sifter!

Jenny Woolf said...

It can be sad going through someone's stuff after their death, but for you it is obviously stirring really fond memories. I am glad you have the ring.