Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Me: We're getting low on supplies here at the office where I work. Better place an order with the office supplies supplier.

*I dial the 1-800 number to the office supplies order desk*

Me: Doo de doo... What am I going to have for lunch today? Oh, here's the automated answer service.

*I prepare to Press 1 for Service In English*

Phone: [in a sultry, seductive female voice] "Hi there, all you hot, horny guys! Are you ready for sexy, steamy chat? Get ready for [etc.]"

Me: Wha..? What the?! Why is the office supplies store selling porn chat? Wait a minute now...

*sound of gears creaking and churning with painful slowness*

Me: Oh! I've dialed the wrong number! Obviously I called a smutty phone sex line by mistake! Tee hee!

*I hang up*

*I go and explain to the accounting department that there might be an unusual charge on this month's phone bill.*