Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Etobicoke Park in the Rain

The way this summer is going, if I waited for sunny weekends to go to all my favourite parks, I wouldn't get far. This weekend it rained pretty much non-stop, but darned if that was going to keep me from going to my favourite park in Etobicoke by the lakeshore. As you can see, it was a mite gloomy.

For you non-Torontonians, "Etobicoke" is pronounced with a silent "k". Say "Ee-TOE-bi-coe". Very good.

The ducks weren't bothered by the rain.

Nor were the Canada geese.

If you peer into the mist, waaaaay across the lake you can see a skinny little spike right in the middle of the photo. That's the CN tower, the world's tallest free-standing structure. It doesn't look like such hot potatoes from this distance, does it?

I wasn't the only one desperate to squeeze some summer fun from the rainy day. Here are some brave folks swimming in Lake Ontario. Personally I wouldn't put my face in that water. I'd be scared of getting pink-eye. I hear the storm drains are prone to overflowing on very rainy days, floating a dose of raw sewage into the lake. Even wading seems kind of dicey under those circumstances.

Here's a dog shaking himself off after a dip. His owner is still front-crawling off the left edge of the frame. I was surprised that the dog showed no interest in chasing any of the five swans who were paddling along just in front of him.

This is a hint of how pretty the park is in brighter light. There are huge swaths of wildflowers, trees, and swampy areas. The place teems with wildlife. We saw birds whose names we didn't know, and several fancy butterflies.

If I get a chance to go back on a sunny day, I'll get some photos that'll knock your socks off. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with these soggy offerings.

That's all for now, folks!

Until next time, goodbye...


Anonymous said...

You're joking about the silent K right? Or have I been mispronouncing it forever?

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Awesome photos! And by the way I like rainy days so they were perfect shots for me. When the sun and gloom is gone it gets all hot and burny. I'm very sensitive or partially a vampire, not sure which. Hey! Come to think of it I don't remember ever seeing my reflection, Hmmmm....

Claire said...

What cute photos! I freaking love ducks.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it isn't teems with wildlife?

Nice pictures!

Sparkling Red said...

Whatigotsofar: Nope, not joking. Everyone I know says "Etobicoe".

Ron: I like cloudy days too, in moderation, for the same reasons as you. Being pale and slightly freckly does not make me an easy friend of the sun.

Claire: Thanks! Ducks are awesome, to be sure.

Unsigned: Yes, that is what I meant. Oops! My post stands corrected.

Dianne said...

I love that last shot!! I have a thing for photos of creatures/people walking (waddling?) away.

I love rainy days

Jenski said...

It looks like that goose is leading you home!

I have never heard of a silent 'k' before. (Hahaha)

And it looks like there is a trade off between having the park nearly to yourself and having good weather maybe? If it is wet, and not just dreary, that is not conducive to more than walking around probably. How many more parks are on your list?

Vanessa said...

I know the rain makes it dreary for the day, but makes everything green in the long run. Or that's what I kept telling myself when I lived in Seattle and enjoyed the few sunny days that emerged there!

onlooker said...

lovely pics, could almost feel the gentle misty drops, and the wet ground. i sorely miss them. so think of folks like us cooped up here, and enjoy as it lasts..! :)

WomensDaily said...

I love those shots! Rainy days always make for great photos.

Sparkling Red said...

Dianne: I cannot resist the hind end of a waddling creature. I recently saw a racoon with no tail. His butt looked like the the back of a wombat. Cutest thing ever!

Jenksi: I wish I could take a goose home with me to live in the bath tub, but it would probably be impossible to house train.
There have been days when I've loved being at a park in the rain. As you said, it does tend to keep the crowds away!
I still want to take pictures of the Toronto Island Park, High Park (another big one), and possibly a few others.

Vanessa: True! Last year we had a drought and many trees died. It was very sad. This year everything green is flourishing.

Onlooker: Indeed. I'd rather have mud than dust. The scent of pine trees in cool, wet air is one of the best things I can think of.

Womensdaily: Rainy day photography is a different kind of challenge. You can't rely on strong lighting for drama, so composition becomes more important.
:-) It's nice to meet you!

jameil1922 said...

you and the geese! too funny. glad you didn't let the rain get you down! it's like me and salmonella! lol.

nicole said...

They are just lovely!
Love the ducks in the rain and the people in bathing.
I guess I wouldn't put a toe into that water either though ;)
Then again, I've been in the Arabian sea - and that one for sure is polluted....
The dog might already have some experience with swans ;)
King doesn't try them either :P