Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aw Shucks 'n' Stuff

How awesome is this?  Ron gave me an award!  Woohoo!!

This one is really cute.  I totally want a stripey shirt like this guy.

As all awards tend to, it comes with rules.  Rules, rules, rules...  Can't get away from 'em.  But sometimes, they're well worth it.  So here goes:

Every superior scribbler must name 5 other super scribblers. If you are named you must link to the author and the name of the blog that gave you the award.  (That would be Ron at Warped Mind of Ron.) Then you must display the award and link to this post, which explains the award. Finally you must visit that same post and add your name via Mr. Linky List, so that the award creators can keep track of who the superest (or should that be superiorest?) scribblers are.

Firstly, because I am teaching myself the lesson that good blogging isn't always planned and copy-edited, I am passing along the award to all the bloggers who commented on my last post, stating that they don't self-criticize as they write.  They just let their truth flow out.  Here's to the brave truth-tellers!

Karen at Smiling Through It All.  Karen recently affirmed her intention to write honestly, and openly on her blog, without fearing the consequences.  That is awesome.

Desi at Desi's Sense of Self.  I just started reading Desi's blog a little while ago, but it's been clear from the start that she's a confident woman who doesn't shy away from speaking her mind.  Plus, she's got this really cool gadget in her sidebar inviting you to Feed the Fishies.  Check it out!

Sabrae at It's just the everyday humdrum that people make it out to be!  Sabrae is also a new acquaintance, but I liked her instantly because her profile photo shows fabulous attitude.  She is indeed a friendly girl, so you would be well advised to go say Hello to her.

And then there are some Simply Superior Scribblers:

Nilsa at Somi Learning::Exposing::Sharing.  Nilsa just got married, like, two seconds ago, and amazingly managed to blog daily through all the craziness of her wedding preparations.  Heck, I'm not blogging daily and all I have to do is work and get groceries.  So, shout out to Nilsa!  Also, she is setting up an anonymous blog post swap, so go check it out and sign yourselves up!

Claire at Country Mouse Tales because she is just so wonderfully sweet.  If the world is getting you down and seems like a mean and nasty place, go visit Claire.  She will be a living reminder to you that there are still lovely folks making the earth a better place, just by being herself.


unsigned said...

Let the truth come out! Like barf!

Nilsa said...

Awwww, thanks for the feel-good love. You're too kind! I've got a couple of these little awards that I should promptly hand out ... instead of hording for myself. See, I'm not as nice as you think. hahaha.

Karen said...

Thanks Spark. You are awesome. :)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

You are truly a Superior Scribbler and well deserving of the award. I will have to check out some of the recently awarded that I don't know, not that I need to stalk more bloggers, but you know how it is.

Sabrae said...

Awwwww thanks!!!! I like me too! :) Just kidding... No but really I do like myself! lol Now I must go on and pass this wonderful award on to someone... oh but who??? It may take me a few days to come up with it but I will! lol

Katie said...

Hi there, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. The new blog is: http://princessrexall.wordpress.com/

Only one post but i think it will be a much more personal blog than the one that I write now... enjoy LOL.

Claire said...

Thank you, sweetie! What a sweet thing to write! I will go ponder who to pass the blog love onto!


Dianne said...

that is a lovely award.

the shirt is cool, I love the expression on his face

well deserved

and congrats to those you passed it on to

desi said...

Woo hoo!

I'd like to (ever so humbly) thank my Mom for teaching me how to be a passionate and emotive person, my Dad for teaching me to think for myself and my sisters for leading by example, and the Academy, I mean Sparkling Red.

Now to find 5 great blogs to send awards to. Yay!