Friday, December 12, 2008

Noteworthy Decor

On Wednesday I had a surprise phone call at work. It was a girlfriend who I've known since Grade 1, my super-best-friend from Grades 4 through 8. She's now married to a doctor (who I've known since we were all 16) and just had her third child in September.

They live on the west coast, in Nelson, B.C., so I don't get to see them much. I watch the kids grow up in a lengthy, stop-motion animation of infrequent visits. I knew they were due in town sometime around the holidays, but I wasn't expecting a call that day. It was the best surprise I've had in a long time.

We made plans to meet for dinner that same night. Ken and I drove up to Thornhill where they were staying with my girlfriend's in-laws. As we rounded the corner into the cul-de-sac, I had a flashback to 1989, when I had visited that house once before.

Of course, when we first arrived, my friend and her family had all my attention. Her boys, ages 6 and 3, are sprouting up, and her 10-week-old daughter is as sweet a baby as you'll ever meet. Celeste was awake when we got there, so I got the satisfaction of immediate smiles and snuggles. She's just a wee thing at a shade over 9 lbs, but she can already hold up her head just fine, thank you very much.

I even talked Ken into holding the baby for a few minutes - not his preference, but once she was on his lap, smiling gummily, he relaxed. I don't know what it is with men. Until the second they become fathers (and possibly after that, I don't know) they seem to have no inclination whatsoever towards holding babies. All the non-dads I know say "But I'm scared I'm gonna drop it!"

OK, first of all she/he is not an "it". And second of all, when was the last time you dropped anything? These fellows handle sharp knives and power tools with total confidence. How is holding a baby scarier than using a nail gun? I don't get it.

The boys stayed behind with their nana and gramps. The rest of us drove around the corner to Congee Queen restaurant. It's the kind of Chinese restaurant where you can order a whole roasted pig, with enough advance notice. (Large Pig $185, Medium Pig $ 135). There was so much cornstarch in the sauce that our shrimp dish looked like it was covered in a thick layer of clear-dry glue. However, it didn't taste like glue. We had a good feast.

Back at the in-laws' house, I had a chance to take a look around. It was EXACTLY the same as when I was there in 1989. In fact all the decor was pretty much the same as when the family moved in, in 1981. They actually have a parlor, otherwise known as "the room nobody is allowed to go into". The colour scheme is green and peach, with silver-foil-swirl wallpaper. And lots of silk flowers in peach and minty green - the kind with glitter on the petals.

In fact, there are silk flower arrangements everywhere in that house, as many as three in any given room. It's really quite something to see. It answers that burning question: who buys silk flowers anyway? Apparently my friends in-laws buy ALL of them.

I don't want to be mean. They were very gracious hosts. I just couldn't resist telling the story. I figure anything that makes my eyeballs bug out like that is worth sharing.


Sabrae said...

well hey silk flowers don't die! lol

Sparkling Red said...

Sabrae: You don't need to water them, but if you keep them for 27 years you sure as heck need to dust them!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sign me up for the medium sized pig whenever I get up there to visit, but what will the rest of you eat? And really if you can't pick on your friends then who can you pick on? LOL

Anonymous said...

One full sized pig to go please. Oh.. make sure you include a pair of chopsticks. Thanks.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I buy silk flowers. Well, not a lot, but I do have some. Good feng shui. Dried flowers, and live ones that die are not good energy, but silk flowers that look like healthy plants are. According to feng shui.

Sparkling Red said...

Ron: Oh? You'll be having the medium pig? Well I'll be having the LARGE pig and I won't be sharing, so what do you think of them apples? :-pppppp

Unsigned: You will need to be a Chopstick Master to handle a whole pig!

Keera: I did not know that. Truly, I have seen some very pretty silk flowers/plants. I have to say that the silk flowers at my friends' in-laws' were rather garish. The glitter is what put them over the top.

jameil1922 said...

lolol. i love the impression that there are no more silk flowers b/c she bought them all. absolute hilarity. a baby is scarier than using a nail gun b/c you can't kill a nail gun! lol.

Melissa B. said...

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Dianne said...

I think you were in my aunt's house!! ;)

my baby bro is very afraid to hold babies and he has 2 kids.

Sparkling Red said...

Jameil: And nail guns don't poop.

Melissa: Will do. :-)

Dianne: Seriuosly? That's funny. I guess men are good for when the kids are bigger and less breakable - and heavier.

NicoleB said...

Glad you had a great time :)!
I remember making silk flowers myself when quite a lot younger.
And I remember the dust they collect over just a few years.............