Monday, December 14, 2009


Oops, I did it again.

Why the sudden obsession with cowboy boots? I can't rationally explain it. I never thought I'd be a urban cowgirl. But there's something about a good pair of boots. They're sleek, streamlined, and fun. Maybe it's because I don't drive. Instead of hot cars, I go for the pedestrian equivalent.

They were on sale, and my Christmas bonus was looking for a reason to live. That's my explanation.

Things are pretty busy here in my neck of the woods. Work has been threatening to overwhelm me. I'm working on projects that have me e-mailing brainstorms to myself from home on the weekend because I can't stop running all the scenarios through my head. My anxiety has been active. But this morning I put my foot down. My bare, just-out-of-bed foot. I declared:

"Not one more day of this nonsense! I am not going to be ruled by fear!"

I kicked fear out of my head and it hasn't crept back yet. So there.

For fun, I've been practicing Christmas carols with my church group. We're singing onstage next Sunday. I know more than half the tunes already, having grown up in a traditional Christian neighbourhood. As for the rest, well, the sheet music is in the hymnal. Good thing I can more or less read it.

One thing I've noticed is that the carols have a heck of a range. I've been working on hitting higher notes, with warm-up exercises and other techniques, but wow. I can't make those sounds. It's like, dog whistle high. Fortunately there's a girl I sing with who's a true soprano. She could crack a wine glass, given the chance. So I drop down an octave and let her sing the high parts solo.

Other than that, the purpose of my days has been to spend as much time as possible indoors. The chill, the damp, the dark: only serve to make my cozy home seem ever more inviting. A friend has invited me to be her date at her work Christmas party. It's happening on Thursday, when the temperature is supposed to drop to new lows. I wonder how my new wool dress will look over blue long johns and Baffin snowboots? Heck, if Uggs are considered fashionable, I should be able to get away with it.


Karen said...

I want those boots immediately!

Anonymous said...

Ah, boot are awesome. That's the only draw to them. They're awesome. And wearing cowboy boots doth not an urban cowboy make. :)

Happy caroling! I've done that, and it's fun if it's not too cold. I used to be a first tenor, so I could wail those high notes, but now? Now I'm better off listening -- and so is everyone else. ;)

powdergirl said...

Those boots were made for walking...

Well, isn't that just perfect, what with you being a pedestrian and all : )

Cute, I like the stars.

I never really pictured riding boots as something a TO girl would be wearing to walk to work. Huh, thats cute as hell!

And no kidding, just Silent Night can break the bank on my range, those hymns are tough.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Yee Haw!!! Them thar are some mighty fine boots!! Darn tootin!!

Jameil said...

I think part of the reason I love Christmas carols is because they have such a range!! So fun!! I'm thinking I need to find SOMEONE'S church to be in on Sunday so I can hear some! What are you guys singing?

Sparkling Red said...

Karen: That's exactly what I said when I first saw them. ;-)

darcknyt: First tenor, eh? You must have had a very sweet voice. Too bad you don't sing anymore. Well, you can dance instead! :-)

powdergirl: Yes, Silent Night is a tough one! And O Holy Night, and a bunch of others whose names I can't bring to mind just now...

Ron: Geeyap!

Jameil: We're doing O Holy Night, Silent Night, and a bunch of others. My mind is totally gapping at the moment.

DarcsFalcon said...

Wooeee, those are some awesome boots! I love the stars! :D

It's also awesome that you kicked fear in the butt - sans boots but that's okay, you made your point and sent fear packin'. That's all that matters.

Sounds like you're going to have some singing fun. You should try to record it, so we can all hear.


Ily said...

You make me want to buy funky boots and sing Christmas carols. You inspire me, Chica! :)

Jenski said...

I need to get me a pair of cool boots! (So says my bf, and I agree.)

Hope you had fun and stayed warm at the Christmas party!

NicoleB said...

Those boots are awesome!
And glad you have them to kick anxiety in the behind :)
Have fun singing and watch those glasses ;)

Sparkling Red said...

DarcsFalcon: I know that my church has sermons available online, but I'm not sure if the singing is recorded too. I'll find out and put up a link if it's available.

Ily: Aw, thanks! That's a big compliment!

Jenski: I think you should tell Santa your boot size and see what shows up under your tree. ;-)

Nicole: I don't know what my naturopath is doing, but it's like magic against anxiety.

Dianne said...

those boots are hot!

rock on girl