Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What next?

Let me begin by saying I had a fantastic weekend. Time with friends I love, new friends met and enjoyed, much laughing, good rest, and successful boot shopping. Oh yes, the boots. I tried them on for fun, and then, despite the price tag, couldn't bear to leave the store without them. And so I am now the proud owner of these babies, purple cowboy boots, size 7. They are more fantastic than the photo can express. The shade of purple is richer and brighter. They fit like slippers. They give me superpowers of confidence.

Good thing too, because last night I got a shock.

I work in an industry that's closely regulated by the government. Every once in a while, over the years, politics have threatened to shut down my workplace. There was no serious threat in the past eight years or so, since before I started working there, but now, it's starting again. I just got word that we'll have to put up an enormous fight or my work will be shut down come spring.

We were doing so well that we were in the midst of planning a move to larger premises. That's all been put on hold until this threat is dealt with.

The owners have fought this battle and won more than once in the past, but you never know.

The good news is that the businessmen I work for have other interests. There's already a plan on the table for a new business, something they were toying with before they got this bad news. So if my current job evaporates with the last of the winter snow, likely it won't be long before they hire me back to work on the next project. My boss told me so. My own safety and security is pretty safe.

However, it's still Big Bad News. Firstly, there's everyone else who works with me. They can't all get hired back to work on a fledgling business. There may be some tough times ahead for my colleagues, and I care about my colleagues very much. Especially my own staff. I will openly say that I love them all, like family. Being their Mama Bear, which is how I do being a manager, has given me my reason for getting out of bed and going to work in the mornings for many years now. I would miss them terribly if we were separated. Losing that element of my social circle and my heart would truly be devastating.

And secondly, but not least important, is the impact on all the people who receive our services. I won't go into detail for fear of compromising my anonymity, but I will state that we provide a service that is absolutely essential for to the quality of life of our clients. We have over 1,200 active files at the moment. What will happen to all those people if we and other businesses like us are closed down? Many of them will cope by becoming addicts, self-medicating with street drugs. It's likely that some will commit suicide when they cannot find relief from their suffering. It's a tough future to contemplate.

So we will fight, and fight hard, to keep the business alive. I couldn't really say what our chances are, but if we've done it before then we can do it again. If my spirits start to crumple, I will put on my Purple Power Boots of Optimism to remind myself that I can be my own superhero. And whatever comes, of course, I have my faith to carry me through. I will be praying over here, if anyone cares to join me.


Warped Mind of Ron said...

I hope things work out for your company and for the patients. Truly sucks that you have the stress of the possibility job loss hovering over your head. {HUGS}

Oh... when you're the super hero in the purple boots.... ummm... is that the whole costume ;-) you might want to add a cape because it can get drafty when flying over the city.

wigsf said...

I hope you didn't spend 300 bucks for a pair of Grimace's cowboy boots.

darcknyt said...

I'll join in the prayer. I know what it's like to be unemployed in this economy -- or ANY economy, really -- and will hope for the best for you and yours.

Nice boots. Prince would be proud. ;)

DarcsFalcon said...

Scary stuff, unemployment! I'm sorry you've had this thrown on your plate. Right before Christmas too.

I'll keep you, and those you work with, in my prayers.

And those boots are pretty cool. Purple rocks. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I can't see the boots, but I can imagine how they look!

This seems to be one of those days where I need to pray for many people. I'll add you and your company to the list.

But be ready with the boots if things don't work out.

G said...

Hmmm...seems what politicians do best when they need to cut money to balance the budget is to cut where they think it won't do that much damage to their little individual fiefdoms.

We're still going through that where I work (state government, bungling politicians who have no spine), so I can wholeheartedly sympathize in what you're currently going through.

I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Now about those boots......:-O

Sparkling Red said...

Ron: A cape... That's a good idea. Cold weather is coming on, and I bet the wind chill is pretty intense flying at high altitudes. I bet I could maintain the psychological advantage of wearing nothing but purple boots - one strategic swirl of my cape and my opponents would be paralyzed in shock.

wigsf: No, no... I beat Grimace to death and stole his boots from him. So effectively, aside from the price of a couple of band-aids and some ointment for my fists, they were free. Then I skinned Grimace's body and stuffed his skin with small polystyrene beads. So now I have a matching purple beanbag.

darcknyt: Thanks! If Prince would like those boots, then no one can say a word against them. What he says is cool, is cool.

DarcsFalcon: Purple has long been favourite colour of mine. I figure I'd better stock up on purple stuff so long as it's in style. Thank you for your prayers.

LL Cool Joe: I'll land on my feet, in my purple boots, no matter what happens.

G: We have a plan to apply pressure to the politicians. I'm pretty sure we have our opponents outnumbered, so we have at least a 50% chance of success.

wigsf said...

I can't imagine beating up Grimace as being a painful thing. The guy's a big purple fuzzy blob. I think the worst injury you could get from punching Grimace is rugburn on your hands.

Not that I've put much thought into beating up fast food restaurant mascots.

NicoleB Egypt said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your company!
Glad you at least had a good time before the shock!

E. Gorst said...

What a shock. Fingers crossed this is a false alarm.

powdergirl said...

I bought purple boots this year too : )

Not riding boots, but soft, tall, flats in a dark,dull grape, suede, with a ruched upper. They're cute. All my riding boots are black or brown, and the ropers too. I'm a boring cowgirl.

I managed the same way, even in construction, and you're not human if you don't worry about the people on your crew or staff. Hope y'all win the fight,for the sake of your client base as well.

Ily said...

First of all, I love your funky boots and I love the idea of purple cowboy cool is that???

Secondly, you and your folks are on my prayer list. Wishing you all the best, Chica! xo

Jenski said...

(Clearly I'm catching up on a month of posts...)

So sorry to hear about this. I have this dislike for politics and how they prevent people from much needed services. I hope the fight wins! I think the color red is powerful, so maybe you need some red boots too...