Sunday, January 17, 2010

Domos Large and Small

This has been an incredibly stressful work week. Lots of problems to solve and panicked people to soothe.

I honestly didn't resent the stress while it was happening. I kind of got into the adrenaline high. I can understand now how people become workaholics.

But then the weekend came, and I just couldn't unwind. I was up in the night in the middle of the weekend with work worries. That's not cool.

I'm a manager, and therefore called upon to keep my head while all around my are losing theirs. And trust me, there is more than one Chicken Little in my workplace, willing to create a whole hour's worth of disturbance over a problem that was solvable in 10 minutes. Keeping my patience in the face of these shenanigans requires me to pack my own frustrations and anxieties into the back of my brain, on a shelf, to be dealt with later. Except later never comes, during a busy week. Until the wee hours of the morning, when the box spontaneously starts to jump towards the edge of the shelf, making threatening noises. Then it finally spills itself open, and all the pent-up feelings come roaring out, overwhelming me.

Fortunately my Ken is a night owl, so he's up in the wee hours of the morning when I emerge from my bed, heart pumping 120 bpm, or weeping pitifully. We talk, and sometimes he fixes me some water with half an ounce of vodka in it to help my body gear down. Don't worry - I'm not doing this every night, nor in any danger of becoming a lush. It's just a little something for the rough times.

Anyway, Ken has been a prince these past couple of weeks, taking care of things in the house for me so that I have less to worry about. I come home to a hot dinner every night after my long days. And he's there to talk when I need him. He's always looking for little ways to raise my spirits. Which brings me to Domo Kun.

Our mutual love of Domo Kun began a couple of years ago when I needed a new wallet. Ken brought me one with this odd, brown Japanese character on it. I no longer have that wallet because I wore it out, but my new wallet also features Domo Kun (and his friend the rabbit, Mr. Usagi).

We found a few episodes of Domo Kun's TV show on YouTube. The stories make no sense at all, but nevertheless we both became very fond of Domo. He's not very smart; he sweats a lot when he's nervous; and he's clumsy. And yet, irresistible.

Ken has a couple of mini-Domos on his desk in his home office. They are Business Domos, as you can see. They help him to get his work done.

The next addition to our family was a little Domo.

Here he is sitting on one of our dining room chairs.

Cute little fellow, isn't he?

Today we went to Pacific Mall for lunch. There's more than one store there that specializes in stuffed animals and other products emblazoned with the myriad of characters popular in Japan. That's where we met Big Domo.

Ken picked him up, then passed him to me. When he saw the smile on my face, he didn't hesitate for a second. When Ken is determined to cheer me up, practical considerations are no obstacle. He bought Big Domo immediately.

We buckled Big Domo into the back seat of the car for the drive home. He's rather short and stocky, so the shoulder belt ran across his face between his eyes. He didn't seem to mind. Here he is sitting on the same chair that Little Domo was posing in a moment ago.

Yup, he's big alright. But so far he seems well-behaved. He spent the afternoon on the couch, settling in. Uh oh, maybe I spoke too soon...

Big Domo! Stop eating your little brother!

I guess I'm going to have to keep an eye on him for now. I think he's well-intentioned. He just has to learn some basic rules of the household, and then we'll be...

Big Domo! Those houseplants are not your salad!

I think I'd better go fix him some dinner.


savia said...

That is hilarious! I don't think I could have resisted big Domo myself, and I have never heard of him before!

DarcsFalcon said...

Hahaha, here ya go! :D And here's hoping you get rid of some of that work stress soon. :)

darcknyt said...

Hehehe! So I guess there's a big "domo arigato" for Ken, eh?

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I never knew Domos were cannibals! Hope the work stress goes away soon.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love it! I love to see people's passion for little things in life. Well apart from the not so little Domo!

Do you take them to all to the dentist? Looks like their teeth maybe high maintenance?

I loved to have seen you strapping the big guy into the back of your car. The Domo I mean, not Ken. ;)

G said...

Thanks for the morning chuckle...I used to do the same thing with a stuffed doll of Roger Rabbit.

Sometimes, stuffed animals understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

whatigotsofar said...

When you have nothing nice to say about a turd character, say nothing at all.

Mone said...

I've never heard about the Domo's in our world bevore. Need to do some research =)

Sparkling Red said...

Savia: I am happy to spread the joy of Domo to those who have not yet experienced his awesomeness. :-)

DarcsFalcon: Nice! That's what Domo is like - mostly harmless, but a little scary when he sneaks up on you.

darcknyt: Yes, he did get a big thank you. :-)

Ron: Domos eat anything. They're kind of like a cross between Chewbaca and a goat.

LL Cool Joe: Ken does bear some resemblance to Domo, mostly in terms of body type. I have the feeling that Domo's teeth might be like a guinea pig's - they'll keep growing forever and he'll chew on things to wear them down. That way he'll never need to go to the dentist.

G: I believe in the power of energy and intention. If we love our stuffed toys, they'll hold onto that love like it's heat, and give it back to us.

WIGSF: You'd better watch what you say! I know where you live. I can send Big Domo over to rampage through your house and then you'd be sorry.

Mone: I want to teach the world about Domo. He makes the world a better place.

Realliveman said...

Very cool blog. I will be back!

Karen said...

I have never heard of this Domo thing before. I guess I might have seen it, but I don't know. I will have to google it and see the significance.

Ily said...

Big fun! I love that he didn't hesitate to buy him when he knew how much you'd treasure him!

I love stuffed animals. I don't think we should ever outgrow them...ever!

Ily said...
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powdergirl said...

I keep trying to comment, and they don't show up. One more try!

You guys sound like such a nicely fitted couple! Ken's a total keeper.

Sparkling Red said...

Realliveman: Thanks! Glad to have you here. :-)

Karen: Google might not help you much. Domo is an enigma.

Ily: I believe in nurturing my inner child. I have to be plenty grown up all day. At home I get to play.

Powdergirl: Ken is amazing. We're both oddballs, but very well-matched to each other. A friend says we prove there is a lid for every pot. :-)

Jameil said...

Chicken Littles make me weary!! yay for being with a man who knows how to cheer you up! (and cook!!)

Jenski, PhD said...

Cute story on Big Domo. Hope he hasn't consumed anything else around the house....