Monday, February 8, 2010

February Fashions

I went shopping with Ken on Saturday. My motivation: "I need socks!". I'm not sure what Ken was thinking, but it had something to do with an invoice he's going to submit soon and the foreshadow of that potential money already burning a hole in his pocket. That money time-travelled back from the future, passed through the hole in Ken's pocket, and miraculously landed in the cash registers of several happy retailers at the Vaughan Mills Mall.

He hadn't officially given me a Christmas gift, and Valentine's Day is rolling around soon, plus we have a first anniversay coming up in April, so we're calling this shopping spree the gifts for all those occasions rolled into one crazy bunch. Is the first anniversary gift supposed to be paper? Money is made of paper.

We started out at the sock store and I did get a whackload of socks. On sale. My toes are cheering. Yaaaaaaay!

From then on, as far as I was concerned, we were window-shopping. But then Ken spotted this cute little spring jacket in Le Chateau. He's been complaining about my "old" spring/fall jacket ever since I bought it two years ago. He says it's ugly. The fabric has a rubbery texture. I thought that meant it was waterproof, or at least water resistant. Not so much. It's just rubbery. Anyway, it was a good enough jacket, but this one is better. Not waterproof at all, not even trying. When it rains in the spring I'll get wet, and I won't mind, because I'll be so Super-Snazzy!

Isn't it cute?

The store was filled with retro-80's styles. I was right into it. Nothing says 80's fun like a romp in the mall. And no 80's-style caper is complete without a flamboyant hat.

Domo kindly offered to model the hat in order to protect my anonymity.

We really hit our stride in the Danier store. Ken loves Danier. I'm not generally speaking a Leather Girl, but Danier does have very, very nice things. Like a purple bomber jacket to match my purple cowboy boots.

See the boots? They're so nice and shiny.

I tried on the jacket just for fun. Then Ken started calling me his Purple Princess, and insisted on getting it for me. I didn't resist much. I mean, look at it!

Pretty darn sweet. And 50% off. You can't beat that.

I was worried that the collar might be too wide to keep the wind off my skinny little neck, so Ken grabbed a matching purple scarf.

And then, because my orange handbag might be a little too crazy to wear with the purple bomber (it's in the photo above, on the bench to the left), we picked out a black purse.

It's got grommets! I love grommets.

I am well and truly blessed.

I picked up a few other odds and ends on sale, like work shirts for $15 each that had been $40. But you don't want to see those. They're just boring.

Now I need to buy a bigger house, to hold all my clothes. Maybe I'll get a purple one.


powdergirl said...

Oh Oh Oh!
That purple jacket is a perfect fit! I LOVE the collar!

And I bought some really cute purple flats this year too, which is odd, cause I don't wear a lot of color. But they have these gorgeous ruched uppers and fit nice and tight around the skinny ankles above my big feet, so hey.

The first coat? Nice, it'll 'go anywhere', I have a similar one in a creamy wool, with the most gorgeous, heavy satin lining, also in a heavy cream color. I love that coat! It has a bat wing collar thats perfect for a great scarf. I love scarves, we off the long-neck tribe tend to do that, its a bit chilly for us "Girrafican Americans', yes?

I bought 2 pairs of boots this week end, same boots, but a black pair and a white pair. So of course I also had to buy a new pair of white trousers... I mean, it follows, right?

I love grommets too! And Big honking, square, silver, buckles.
I tend to dress in simple styles, so a bit of metal is a nice touch : )

Oh, and hey, those purple flats? They look fantastic with grey skinny jeans, Just sayin : D

This was so fun, I'm going to actually go clean up my walk-in closet, Irene will be so happy, till I fill it back in again, anyway.

Woo hooo....

whatigotsofar said...

It's weird. You, from Toronto, go up to Vaughan Mills to shop. Me, from Vaughan, go to Yorkdale in Toronto to shop.
I just bought this awesome purple shirt at Harry Rosen. It's got this embroidered design on the cuffs and the strip where the buttons are, I don't know what that's called. But it looks really cool. I needed some new clothes to wear while I shop for clothes in NYC.
I'm such a girl.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Purple is the new black! Or at least that's what I've been saying all winter. Love love love the new duds. Ken did good!

DarcsFalcon said...

ROFL! Those are awesome! And I simply adore the hat. :D You are stylin' now, you and your bad purple self! The fashion show was a great idea - you got great shots from that mirror. :)

Jenski, PhD said...

Plus the hat would go with the coat and "grommets" is fun to say! What a great window shopping trip!

LL Cool Joe said...

Everything looks fantastic! So you couldn't wait to show it on Wardrobe Wednesday then? ;)

Love it all. Shame we can't see the hat on you though.

My daughter had grommets in her ears when she had glue ear. I'm assuming the 2 things aren't the same! :D

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Awesome shopping selections!! I'm also quite fond of womens clothes when they are 50% off.... or more.

darcknyt said...

LOVE a shopping spree myself. Hooray for windfalls! Even if they're time-traveling windfalls. :)

Jameil said...

We don't normally have the same taste in fashion... but that spring jacket and that hat!!!!!!!!! GIMMEEEEEEE!! I like the scarf, too! You cleaned up! :)

Sparkling Red said...

Powdergirl: I love purple and grey together. I also like to hear that I'm not the only one who sometimes buys things in more than one colour. Hey, if I like it, I like it enough to wear it in several different colours.

WIGSF: We drove past Yorkdale to get to Vaughan Mills. I used to like Yorkdale, but it's gotten way to crowded. Parking is a nightmare. Then the mall proper is one giant human traffic jam. Although there's no Harry Rozen in Vaughan Mills, and that's a very nice store. I like the sound of that purple shirt.

Nilsa: Exactly true! I went out shopping for black boots, and ended up with purple ones. I don't feel I need black ones anymore. Purple is a good dark neutral.

DarcsFalcon: Thanks! I had to crop some of the shots because Ken was sitting on the couch behind me and I kept catching his profile. He was kind enough to turn off the TV for a while so that I could get my shots without a big, bright car chase in the background.

Jenski: That's one of the reasons I love grommets: "grommet" is an excellent word.

LL Cool Joe: I wish I could have shown myself off in that hat. I look totally pimpin' in it.

Ron: You mean when the clothes are more than half off the woman's body?

darcknyt: Anything can be justified by a neon red sale sticker.

Jameil: I can easily see you wearing the plaid jacket and the hat. They'd look great on you. Too bad Le Chateau is only in Canada. I wonder if they offer online shopping?

Dianne said...

you're gonna be hot this spring!! love everything you got

GorgeousPuddin said...

That coat WAS the total HOTNESS!!!

Ily said...

I love your taste in clothes (or is it Ken's?)! You have the perfect body to enjoy the latest fashions.

I love the spring jacket and hat, and OMG, the purple leather one is just awesome!

I want to go shopping with you next time!! :)

Ily said...
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