Friday, June 4, 2010

Goose Parade

At Jameil's request, here are the photos of the goose parade I saw last week. Cute little fellers, aren't they? Don't come complaining to me about their poop now. They are not pooping in these photos. Let's just enjoy the cuteness.
Banner headline: I socialized this week! On a weeknight! An old friend flew in from B.C. with her husband and kids, and we got to spend three precious hours together over dinner, catching up. At 9:30 pm her husband arrived to pick her up. We could hear her youngest crying through my front door before he even knocked. The 20-month-old girl was feeling tired and fussy, but she perked up when given a cookie, and then went stomping around my house in her rumpled red-and-white stripped onesie, looking much cuter than even the cutest baby goose.
I'm in the process of hiring a typist, or, more formally, a transcriptionist. You'd be amazed at how many errors were in the resumes and cover letters I received. If someone is applying for a job as a cashier, or a limo driver, or a dance instructor, it doesn't matter so much if they can't spell. But a typist's application should be perfect. 100% perfect.
Here are some examples of what I found:
  • Subject line of an e-mail "TRASCRIPTIONIST POSITION". If you can't spell the word "transcriptionist", please try another career.
  • "able to finish deadline"
  • "good attitude at a multi-tasker"
  • "This experience taught me how to booking test and how to sort incoming mails."
  • "Great ability of analyze the problem"

Dismal. Seriously dismal.


Kate said...

I know it about the resumes! I won't even look at publications that have typos in them. If I see one, I throw it away. I figure if they don't care to make it perfect, then they don't care for my business.

Anonymous said...

Them things tain't cute.

There, I said it.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't cute, they're delicious. ;)

Spelling counts. Spelling counts, people.

DarcsFalcon said...

Awww, look at the goose family!

I think they're cute. :)

Spelling is important, and generally not one of those creative types of things - like math. A word generally is either spelled correctly or it isn't. I don't think I'm very patient with those who refuse to spell correctly in a professional setting. In a casual one, like blogging, hey we all make typos, right? But work, publications, ads, the spelling must be correct. Period!

Glad you had some nice down-time with your friend. :D

Jameil said...

YAY!!!!!! ROTFL @ "Don't come complaining to me about their poop now. They are not pooping in these photos." Thank God for that!! Those resumes = a hot mess!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Nice fotos of the gooses. I can do speling and scriptination much more beter then them peoples. Higher Me!!!

G said...

Great pics.

I agree about the poor grammar. You should see some of the business e-mails I get from people with degrees etc.

Crying shame in what the schools are churning out these days.

Ily said...

Wow, that's some sad mistakes for a typist! All that's needed is a little something called PROOFREADING. (Did I spell that right??) lol

PS - Love the goose photos!! :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Damn I can't spell, still it's not that important as dj is it? As long as I play Lady Gago and Britnie Speers, I don't need to be be able to spell them right. Right?

Jenski said...

Cute goslings! Good luck sifting through bad spelling to find the right candidate.