Monday, May 31, 2010

Ms. Boss

I keep saying that I'm waiting for my work life to go back to normal: 8-hour days of minor managerial duties interspersed with repetitive paperwork. Usual, safe, boring days that drift by, each one much like the last.

I had a meeting with my boss today. He tells me that I will never get back to that version of normal. The business is growing too fast. There will be no time for me to return to my paperwork. He needs me on the big stuff: leading projects, making decisions, motivating people. Everything else will have to be delegated.

He says that pretty soon I might need a personal assistant, and that he'll be happy to see me hire one. I guess this means that I'll have to start drinking lattes, just so that I can yell "You call this a latte?" at my P.A. And I'll have to start dry cleaning my clothes so that I can send her to pick up my dry cleaning. There are certain expectations to live up to when you become an executive.

This morning I was planning to hire one new employee. After the meeting with my boss, and hearing all the projects he has in mind to start a.s.a.p., we agreed I'll hire two. (Neither of those being a P.A., for the record. I'm not quite ready to go there yet.)

It's pretty crazy times. We're still not fully settled in after the move, and he's already looking ahead to the next big thing. I guess that's business for you.

Don't worry - I've booked a week off coming up soon. And although my job description has jumped up one or more levels of responsibility, I'm not planning to continue working over 9 hours per day for the long term. At least my hours have got to go back to normal a.s.a.p., or... I don't know what. I'll just make sure it happens, is what.

I'm actually pretty excited by the change. I don't mind delegating the boring elements of my job. Sometimes it's nice to have some mindless, routine work as a break, but too much of it is numbing. Sounds like I'm going to be focused almost completely on the creative, social, and problem-solving elements at work from now on. I can dig that.

My boss told me I am becoming an executive. Really? How did my life take this turn? When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer, a ballerina, or an astrophysicist. Business executive wasn't even on the radar. How does one end up with a career like this by accident? Life is weird. But good.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the promotion! Very exciting news!

Welcome to your new normal. :)

Karen said...

It is awesome to have job security that comes with a growing business. So many industries are downsizing in this economy.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I make a lousy latte and have a hard time picking up dry cleaning. But... but I love being yelled at for those two inadequacies. So, when time comes that you need to hire a personal assistant (a.k.a. Spark's bitch) I'd like to toss my hat in the ring.

Anonymous said...

Now, here's the story about how I have a hard time picking up dry cleaning.
Before my brother went on his honeymoon, he had me bring his wedding clothes to the dry cleaners. When I went to pick up the clothes, I noticed the ruff (I don't know what that piece is called, it's like a hankerchiff only smaller) was missing. The dry cleaners lost it and they gave me some song and dance about it not being their responsibility, blah blah blah.
I had to now replace this small square of fabric. I went to the Harry Rosen where it was purchased and went through the client database of both my brother and father looking for the sku number for this thing. That location had none in stock, but according to the inventory database, two stores downtown might have it, maybe. The inventory on these things isn't really kept too up-to-date.
Using a poorly lit photo taken the day of the wedding, I studied it then made my way to two Harry Rosen's way downtown.
At the second store, I found what I think is a match to my brother's lost piece. I bought it and put it in his suit.
When he came back from his honeymoon, I gave him back his suit, in the garment bag. I do not know for sure if I got the right colour. I'm pretty confident that I didn't. I've never mentioned this to him. Frankly, I've got a feeling that if he knew, he'd think I was an idiot for going to such an insane effort of running around Toronto on a Saturday looking for a crappy little square of fabric which he will never use. But I did it because it's basically what he's always told me to do if or when I break or lose something that belongs to him: replace it and say nothing so he won't know it was ever lost or broken.

DarcsFalcon said...

The boss lady ma'am! I'm so jealous! I always wanted to be an executive, when I was a little girl. That, or a race car driver. :D

Congratulations on the new normal for your work-life!

G said...

Coolness and congrats.

You're now become an official somebody. :D

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Cool!! I know an executive!! I can be your assistant!!!! I promise to have hot coffee and pick up dry cleaning and to never look you in the eye when addressing you!! I also can sort your M&M's by color if you wish.

Sparkling Red said...

darcknyt: Thanks! I guess I'm living proof of the saying "change is the only constant". I mean, we all are, but lately I feel like I'm embodying it more than usual.

Karen: Yeah, I'm super-lucky. That's one good thing about being in the health care industry in Canada. For things covered under the public health care plan, it's a pretty recession-proof business.

WIGSF: If you do everything with the same devotion to detail with which you searched the city for that little square of fabric, then I would totally hire you to be my bitch. Although I see that Ron's also put in his resume. Maybe you two could settle it with a wrestling match?

DarcsFalcon: Thanks! Come to think of it, I always liked Melanie Griffith's character in "Working Girl". There was a business-woman role model from my teen years. Maybe I could get Carly Simon to sing a theme song for me. That would be cool.

G: I don't think I'll ever be completely comfortable being a VIP. I like to stay humble. I catch myself acting inflated sometimes, and I don't like myself like that. As long as I can maintain being a sincere somebody alongside being an official somebody, then I'll be OK.

Ron: You're going to have to go for a wrestling match with WIGSF to claim the rights to this job. Although, I do like my Smarties sorted by colour, so that's a point in your favour. If you bring your Freezies with you as an offering, that's another two points. I have to say,though, the commute would be pretty crazy for you.

Sabrae Carter said...

I'd totally be your P.A. :)