Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doctor vs. Doctor

Yesterday I went to see my family doctor, Dr. R.  I brought along a note from my new homeopath/ex-MD, Dr. H.  The note consisted of a list of blood tests Dr. H wants done.  Because Dr. H is officially retired according to the Ministry of Health, he can't requisition tests from publicly funded labs anymore.  I went to Dr. R hoping that he'd want to be involved in my dealings with Dr. H, so that the three of us could team up together to fix me.  I needed an MD to write test requisitions for Dr. H's blood tests, and I was hoping Dr. R. wouldn't mind doing it.

It was awkward.  Doctors are used to being the expert.  They don't appreciate being told what to do.  Dr. R tried to hide it, but I could see him bristle at the prospect of writing test reqs for some other dude, like, what is he, not even a doctor anymore!  A homeopath!  (Most doctors don't think very highly of homeopaths.  It was not much better than me saying "Please write these blood tests - my psychic said I need them.") 

He looked at the list, and couldn't see any reason not to order any of those tests, but he did assert himself by adding a number of tests of his own choosing.  That number was greater than Dr. H's number.  Dr. R definitely dominated the blood test req.

Don't get me wrong.  I like Dr. R.  I can see his point of view.  I think he might be feeling insecure because he's been unable to satisfy my health care needs.  I've been seeing him for years, complaining of these same symptoms on and off, and he hasn't been able to do much for me.  To be fair, I didn't push him very hard to take things to the next level.  I figured that modern medicine probably wouldn't have much to offer me, considering that I react badly to 99.9% of all pharmaceutical medications.  What could he do other than prescribe pills?  Operate? 

I have always had my best luck with natural solutions.  Herbs, health food, and supplements.  Dr. H knows that stuff.  Dr. R, not so much.  I can only hope that they'll work together to help me.  If not, well, I could go behind Dr. R's back and get one of my relative doctors to swing something for me, but I'd rather not start up with that kind of underhanded stuff.  I hope we can work this threesome out.  It's like Big Love.  Call it Big Health.

As for the day to day, my energy is up and down like a yo-yo.  There are hours at a stretch when I feel almost normal, and times when I feel like I just can't make it through the day.  Fortunately I have a sedentary job, and my brain is pretty clear.  Physically I don't have much stamina.  I get winded if I walk too fast, or too far.  I'm rationing my energy.  What do I want to do today?  I could clean the bathroom or I could cook something for my lunch the next day, but not both.  Let's see: a bagel, carrot sticks, and a tin of tuna works fine for lunch.  So I'll clean the bathroom.  I'm also waiting for buses to travel short distances I would ordinarily walk without a second thought.  Whatever works, right?  One day at a time.  As long as I can continue working, I'm grateful.

To end on a positive note, life is still good.  I went to the birthday party of a good friend on the weekend, and had a fabulous time.  The hostess was incredibly thoughtful.  She had made an ice-cream cake, which neither Ken nor I could eat because we're non-dairy folks.  We're used to that kind of thing, and don't mind skipping dessert.  But this friend of mine went to the extra trouble of making a second, mini-cake out of soy ice cream so that we could have some too.  It was fantastic!  First ice-cream-cake I'd had in 15 years.  Totally made my weekend.  :-)


Ron said...

Yay for ice cream!!! I guess even if it is soy ice cream. :-)

Be careful with these threesomes often one person will feel left out and think the other two are going to be exclusive and then jealousy will break out...

LL Cool Joe said...

Well you can't end on much more of a positive note than ice cream cake!

I hope the natural solutions work for you!

Jenski said...

Glad you have a history with Dr. R so however reluctantly he ordered the tests. :-)

You have great friends!

Pixiebaby said...

Glad your regular physician agreed to order those tests. Hopefully between the two there will be something in there which will help you. Rationing energy is something I can completely understand and have to tell you that it seems you have a terrific attitude about all of this. Please update with what you find out. Best of luck!

DarcKnyt said...

Dueling doctors, eh? Maybe you can pit them against each other for specialist referrals and stuff too.


If they're going to bicker though, it shouldn't cost you a quart of blood. Just sayin'. ;)

Sparkling Red said...

Ron: With my luck the two doctors will run off together into the sunset, holding hands and pledging their undying love to each other. ;-)

LL Cool Joe: Re-reading my own post, I realized what really makes me feel better. Not pills. Not herbs. Ice cream cake! A bunch more of that and I'll be fit as a fiddle.

Jenski: Yes, I do. My friends are very dear to me. :-)

Pixiebaby: Thanks! I will. For years I fought against this thing, kicking and screaming, but eventually I realized that was only counterproductive. I may as well accept it and make the best of things. It only took me five years to figure that out. ;-]

DarcKnyt: That's the classic way to get attention, isn't it - make someone jealous! At this point I'm willing to part with my blood if it's going to bring me any closer to some answers. If I feel crappy after the blood-letting, so be it. I have lots of good books waiting to be read and a fast internet connection. I can stand another few days off work if need be.

DarcsFalcon said...

How cool of your friend to make a special cake for you! That is a friend worth hanging on to! :D

I have a feeling you're on the right track with figuring out the health thing. ace Just a feeling. :)

Lynn said...

That was awfully thoughtful of your friend.

I hope you get some relief soon.

ileana said...

Love that you were able to enjoy the ice cream cake! How sweet.

As for all those tests, I hope you get the answers you need and the natural approach has worked wonders for me (and my family). We take prescription meds only for unbearable pain or when absolutely necessary. There is usually a better, less radical way of treating illnesses and I'm glad you are on that path...and that a couple of docs are involved.

Sorry to hear about your lack of energy. Rest up and enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend.