Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Riding the See Saw of Life

There have been some ups and downs in the past week.

Up:  I got well in time to participate in two Father's Day celebrations.  I even managed to show up bearing appropriate cards and gifts.  Go me!

Down:  One of my bosses decided to call me at home on Friday evening (after I'd been off sick all week) to tell me that since I was almost never at work anymore he was considering permanently cutting my hours.  Er, say what?  I have only used up slightly more than half of the paid sick days and vacation days I'm allowed this year.  Not only that, but our company has a de facto policy of allowing trusted employees unpaid leave as needed for personal illness, family illness, appointments, or extended vacations.

I was very upset.  No one else's attendance is scrutinized by this boss.  Not only that, but during my past week off I spent as much time as I needed to working from home via computer and telephone, making sure everything was running like clockwork.  The assistant manager did an A-1 job of covering for me.  There was truly nothing to complain about.

On Monday morning I gathered all documentation relating to my attendance, packaged it up with the company policies showing how many days off I'm entitled to, and left it all on his desk.  I know he came in and picked it up, but I haven't heard back from him at all yet.  I'm thinking I deserve a solid apology next time he talks to me.  We'll see.  Maybe he was just having a bad day and needed someone to freak out at, and I got in the line of fire.  It would not be an excuse for his accusations, but at least then I'd know not to take it personally.

Up:  That employee that I thought I might have to fire?  It looks like she might work out after all.  Thanks to my painstaking facilitation, the communication problems that were causing all the trouble seem to be getting resolved. *pats self on back*

Down:  Our car is dying.   Poor old car.  We're not sure if we're going to get a new one or if we're going to baby the old one along with an expensive clutch transplant.  We'll see.

Up:  It's summer and it's gorgeous out!  All I have to do is go outside for 3 minutes to feel completely cheered up no matter what else is going on.


darcknyt said...

Yes, the see-saw of life. Up, down, and back again. Sometimes I hate it.

It's sort of a wink-nod thing where I work (I still can't believe I can say that) that they don't count sick days for salaried people.

I'm sorry your boss felt he need to take out whatever on you. And about the car. Lord knows, I can relate to car trouble. I had one so bad I actually lost a job over it.

Jameil said...

Man life. Your boss is trippin. That was so not cool. But I'm glad the outdoors can cheer you up!

G said...

Pretty anal of your boss to perpetually concentrate on your (in his mind) short comings.

And I can definitely sympathize about the car. I'm the only one in my family with a functioning car.

Jenski said...

Blech to the frustrations of life that try to cancel out the good stuff. Yay, summer weather!

Lynn said...

I hope you can straighten that out with your boss. I wonder if you could apply for intermittent FMLA leave? That would protect you from being fired.

Lynn said...

As I sent that - I realized I shouldn't have said "fired" - but FMLA does give you some sort of protection as you take care of your health.

Sparkling Red said...

darcknyt: That's a pretty good wink-nod situation. Here it runs the gamut. I've seen one employee get away with working 4 days per week for years and get a full salary with no one questioning it. Meanwhile, the payroll lady tracks the waged workers to the quarter hour with fierce precision.

Jameil: Yup, and I still haven't gotten that apology.

G: I don't actually drive the car but I'm a very devoted passenger.

Jenski: I just can't stay depressed around wildflowers.

Lynn: I'm sure Canada has some kind of equivalent legislation. Certainly the scheme he was proposing would, if I didn't agree to it, qualify as "creative dismissal", which is not allowed.

DarcsFalcon said...

Yay! Oh no! Yay! Oh no! Yay!

Whew, that is some see-saw!

Hey, I thought your hours were recently cut already? Didn't they put you back to 4 days a week or something like that? I would really be upset with this, and I think you handled it well. Hopefully he realizes his miscalculations and corrects them.

Yay for lovely days. There are no enough! Glad you're feeling rejuvenated. :)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

So not cool of the boss. Hoping your See Saw stays up most of the time....