Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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On Saturday I changed my shower curtain liner.  The old one was getting kind of ratty.  Also, I bought it in a hurry when we moved in, to "match" my sage green cotton shower curtain - in a shade of nasty, dark, garbage-bag green.  It makes the whole showering experience dim and depressing.

My new shower curtain liner has been sitting around for, oh, maybe a year?  I just hadn't gotten around to putting it up.    But this weekend, in the spirit of committing fully to making positive changes in my life at all levels, I finally changed out the old liner for a translucent, colourless one.  My morning showering experience is much improved.

God or The Universe, as you prefer, is meeting me halfway on this New Good Things commitment.

The Toronto public transit system is phasing in brand-new, high-tech subway trains.  The first two were put into service during the summer.  Every time I took the subway I hoped for a new train, but never saw one.  This weekend I had the luck to ride on the new-style trains TWICE. 

The new trains are worth all the hype, in my opinion.  They are pretty, shiny, and full of neat features.  They have maps with a light for each station that changes colour to show which stations are past, which are yet to come, and which one is approaching.  There are additional LED signs showing you the name of the next station and which side the doors will open on, which is an invaluable little detail.  Most impessive is that instead of having separated cars, the whole train is connected by accordion sleeves, meaning you can walk between cars completely unhindered.  The people who seem to enjoy this most are the crazy ones, as it gives them a wider audience for their antics.  I was entertained by a very well-dressed man (pinstripe suit, shined shoes, brown fedora with a little feather in the band) whose pleasure it was to go down the entire train, stopping for each group of passengers and doing a happy little dance, which mainly consisted of shaking his caboose.  He wore a big, wide smile the whole time, and was chuckling to himself, so who could object?

When I got downtown, I found that the Eaton Centre Mall had opened up their brand new Urban Eatery food court.  They transformed the entire basement floor of the mall for this project.  I have to say, I was very impressed.  I've never been wowed by a food court before, but this one is stunning.  It's enormous, and has been meticulously designed.  Even the KFC and the MickyD's outlets look classy.

Later, I met a friend to see Puss In Boots.  We didn't realize until we bought our tickets that it was a 3D presentation.  I've never seen a 3D movie in my life.  I was expecting to get those red and blue glasses of ye olden days, but as you probably know, there is better technology today.  The movie was fun, but the 3D experience was what totally blew me away.  I am now a convert.  I would like to see all my movies in 3D from now on, thanks very much.

So, the New Good Things thing is working for me.  Now I just have to get my learner's driving permit, and then the real work starts.


Lynn said...

You sound happy, rested, and full of hope. All good things, my friend!

Jameil said...

WOOHOO!! More adventures ahead!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow what a change in you then!! Sounds like you are loving every minute of your life!

I thought you still needed the glasses to see a 3D movie.

DarcKnyt said...

Nice! Sounds like a good weekend and things on the general upswing! On a related note, we need a new shower liner too.

Jenski said...

Translucent shower liners are definitely the way to go.

Crazy to think your were so sick just a few weeks ago. I love reading your posts and everything you can do again!!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I did my first 3D movie not long ago and was expecting the blue/red glasses too ;-) Was a great experience. Glad you are getting out again!

Sparkling Red said...

Everyone: Thanks to my cheer squad! :-)

LL Cool Joe: You still need glasses, but they are made of some magical, apparently clear material. If you look at the regular world through them it looks just slightly darker, but the fuzzy projection on the movie screen resolves into clear 3D.

Granny Annie said...

I'm late but I'm certainly a part of your cheer squad. What a heart lifting post this is. I enjoyed every word and feel so very happy for you. I could ride that train all day if you get to watch funny people.
As for changing the shower curtain, I wait until my tallest grandson is here and let him do that for me. It makes my arms hurt to change one.

wigsf3 said...

I would have expected you to get a terrible headache from a 3D film. Many people find their first viewings of a 3D picture to be headache inducing. And to be frank, you seem like the sort of person who would fall victim to this sort of affliction.

This has been another message brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Debby Downer.

Sparkling Red said...

Thanks Granny Annie!

WIGSF: I had the same expectation, which is precisely why I've always avoided 3D films. In fact, I did find that my eyes were slightly strained, but not too badly. It was worth a the squinting.

DarcsFalcon said...

Look at you go! This is awesome, Spark! I'm so happy for you. :)

And I have every confidence in you about driving. You can do this, it'll be a piece of cake for you. Soon you'll be gallivanting all around the big city and finding all sorts of adventures. :)

What great news. :D