Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Hair

Yesterday I told my stylist that I had decided to grow my hair long because I want to "embrace change".  He got worried.  Usually when clients come in with a request for something really new and different, it's because their marriage or relationship has broken up.  He thought this was my way of telling him that I was getting a divorce from Ken.


Thankfully, that's not an issue at the moment.  Ken and I are still BFF's.  The (potential) change I want to embrace is the situation in my workplace, which, incidentally, is still hanging in limbo and don't hold your breath because I have no idea. 

I've been dreaming of a headful of long, silky hair which I'm forever plaiting into smooth, glossy braids.  I know the reality won't be quite that lovely.  My hair has a tendency towards frizz, and when I used to braid it I had to strike while it was still slightly damp, and then it usually took three or four attempts to get a nice, even plait without a lot of short bits sticking out in the middle or big, floppy loops at the hairline.  Despite the hassle, I miss fussing over my hair.  It always did turn out looking pretty in the end.

I thought my stylist might be annoyed by my decision.  I figured that long hair would be more trouble for him to cut, without as much scope for creativity.  In fact, he's excited by the prospect!  Which is fantastic!  He's never seen me with long hair; I started going to him after I had it all lopped off around 6 years ago.  And although he gives the impression of being a bit of a scruffy punk, he's the best, most committed hair stylist I've ever had.  He takes pride in his work.

We talked about the last time I had long hair.  I used to keep it all one length, like a thick, heavy curtain, because I didn't feel that I had any other options.  Every once in a while some hairdresser would take it into his or her head to layer my hair, but that would just make it pouf out uncontrollably. My current stylist explained: back in the '80's, when I was still willing to experiment with layering, the proper technique for "texturizing" (i.e. thinning out) puffy hair like mine hadn't been invented yet.  Seriously?  That makes me feel so old!  I was born before the technology to deal with my hair even existed!  At least I'll manage to experience it in my middle age. 

(Or at least I assume I'll live to see my hair grow out.  I don't think that's too wildly optimistic.  It should only take a year.)


Lynn said...

And you can put it in a ponytail when you need to run out the door. I think that will be lovely - it's fun to have a change like that.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I tried the ponytails thing once, but it never seemed to work for me...

DarcKnyt said...

Y'know, I used to have long, luxurious hair and it never did get ponytail length. I wonder if I can go for that aging hippy look now and get away with it?

Okay, I can't even joke like that with a straight face.

Vanessa T said...

Sometimes people just get bored with their hair and want to change it. :)

I'm a fan of long hair, so I can only believe you will look great with it. :)

G. B. Miller said...

Long hair is cool. I love looking at long hair as it's one of the few ways that a woman can experiment with their image and not have people make snide comments.

wigsf3 said...

Big hair is the best. The bigger the better.

Sparkling Red said...

Lynn: I was wondering how men stand the monotony of always having short hair, and then I remembered that they can grow their facial hair.

Ron: I think what you really need is a crimping iron.

DarcKnyt: You can grow your hair long if you also wear one feather earring.

Vanessa: My hair will never be as gorgeous as your daughter's hair; count on that! I still remember that amazing photo you posted a while ago.

G.B.: When people stare at me and say that they can't figure out what has changed in my appearance, I tease them by saying "I shaved off my moustache".

wigsf: Put your money where your mouth is.

Jenski said...

I was just thinking it was time to grow my hair out again (mostly so I can put it up to run). We should see who grows a poneytail faster.

Sparkling Red said...

Jenski, you're on. But I warn you that my hair grows freakishly fast.

LL Cool Joe said...

Sigh, I think I'm the only guy on this planet that loves women with short hair, the shorter the better, but I understand your desire to have it long, so I hope it grows quickly and well for you and I look forward to seeing the photos. ;)