Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Visit to Spark's House

Hi!  It's nice of you to stop by for a visit.  I mean, if you would've called first it might be a little tidier around here, but it's not too bad.  

What's that lying out on the dining room table?

Oh that.  It was my mom's bright idea to buy me a subscription to the Canadian Jewish News.  She's still hoping that I might change how I think about being Jewish from my background to my foreground.  Don't hold your breath, mom.  *Flips through paper*  Just as I thought, nothing of interest again this week.  *Files paper in the recycling bin*

Can I offer you something to drink?  Let's see what we have here...  Milk.  Orange juice.  Ken's Clamato.  (You can have Clamato if you want, but have you checked out the sodium levels in that stuff?  You may as well drink salt.)

What's that next to the yogurts?

Um.  Guppies?  With hot chili flakes and sesame seeds.  I take no responsibility for these.  Ken got them as a gift from the Korean butcher down the street, and has actually eaten some.  :-p

The salt and pepper shakers are from my sister.  They are playing leapfrog!  Isn't that cute?

Shortly after I took this picture of the bunnies, Ken was stirring something on the stove quite vigorously, and the bunnies fell down and each one lost an ear.  :-( Never fear - I bought Gorilla glue and I will repair them.  I heard that Gorilla glue can be used for other animals, such as rabbits, although it may be a bit of overkill.  If you have a broken gorilla, however, it's just the thing!

A friend of mine made this stained glass ornament with an Egyptian cat in the centre.  It hangs from our dining room light fixture.  

What's that in the background?

This belongs to Ken (although he didn't draw it).  I have never been able to understand what it signifies.  Feel free to take a guess in the comments.

I have some tiny rugs.

These coasters are replicas of real rugs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  My grandmother gave me a cheque for my birthday with instructions to "buy something you don't need", and this is what I chose.  There's a fourth rug, but it's under Ken's beverage at the moment.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  I'm going to go back now to reading my cheerful book,  "A Century of Genocide: Utopias of Race and Nation" (by Eric D. Weitz).  Seriously, this type of stuff puts my little problems in perspective.  I can always say "Well, at least I'm not in any danger of being deported to a Gulag."

Take care!  Stay in touch!  *hugs*


DarcKnyt said...

Thanks for having me, Spark, I really appreciate the hospitality.

I had some hampsters once which played leap frog just like your bunnies! And before I knew it, I had a LOT of hampsters, somehow. And then, the big hampsters started eating the little ones. know...I'm sort of scarred by this, I guess.

Happy Sunday reading time! *Hugs*

G. B. Miller said...

Thanks for letting me stop by on such short notice. You have a lovely house.

Jenski said...

Did you mix up the bunny ears? :-)

Thanks for having us over!

Granny Annie said...

My father was always giving me reading material supposedly with no ulterior motive. I knew better.

Ron loved Clamato juice and really had to limit the treat because of the high sodium.

Guppies? Really? Yikes!

Leapfrog...sure. Those are rabbits!

I just used some of those tiny coasters at my daughter's house and wondered where she got them. I want some but won't steal yours since you were nice to invite me in:)

Vanessa T said...

Oh thanks for having me, Spark! I hope you won't mind - I brought you some chocolates as a hostess gift. :)

The picture intrigues me. Honestly, I'm so sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I can't help staring at it, trying to figure out the puzzle. The most I can come up with is something to do with "overseer." (the man Over the house holding the C) I'm clueless, but please don't think I've been ignoring you!

You've fixed up the place so cute! And I love the little coasters. They remind me of tiny magic carpets, and I can imagine them flying tiny people all over the world.

The bunnies make me laugh. Careful, or you'll have more salt and pepper shakers than you know what to do with!

Thanks for having me, Spark, it was a lovely visit! I hope we can do it again, soon. :)


Warped Mind of Ron said...

I brought bacon as a housewarming gift, but I ate it all :-( sorry.

Lynn said...

I always wondered about Clamato juice, but not enough to buy any. :)

Fun post!