Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Yes, it's Canadian Thanksgiving today.  Happy happy!  I celebrated with my table gaming* friends at the First Annual Thanksgaming Dinner.  We ate; we laughed; we tried to beat each other into gaming submission.  I got to spend some quality time with Ceilidh (pronounced "Kaylee" - it's Gaelic), my friends' 5-month-old kitty.  I am totally in love with her.

"Hello!  Nice to meet you!  I'm an adorable, squirmy kitten!"

Look at those paws.  This cat has got 7 toes on one of her front feet, and 8 on the other.  She even has opposable thumbs.

I believe my friends are going to wait until after her first birthday; then they're going to sign her up for piano lessons.  Meow!

Before the Thanksgaming Dinner, I provided personal shopper services to my aunt.  She was desperate.  She told me "Spark, it's bad.  I only have one pair of work pants left, and I have to keep one finger through a belt loop while I'm walking or they fall down.  I'm going to have to wear my pyjamas to work soon"

My aunt, despite being slim, pretty, and looking 15 years younger than her age (she's 59), hates shopping and feels that nothing ever looks good on her.  She does have a slightly poochy belly, but so does just about every woman her age.  I mean, it happens.  The connective tissue that holds one's organs in gets saggy just like everything else as one ages, and gravity does its job.  Obviously there's a market for women's clothes that accommodate a middle-aged tummy.  If it were impossible to buy clothes to fit ladies like my aunt, just about every woman over the age of 50 would be out and about wrapped up in bedsheets, so clearly it's not Mission Impossible.  You just need to exercise a little patience.

I brought my aunt to a store where I've previously found clothes for my mom.  My aunt bought 3 pairs of pants, one very pretty skirt, and a chic top.  Not bad!  Then I helped her to choose a new pair of shoes.  (These, in black.)  We strolled the wide corridors of Yorkdale mall, window-shopping.  Then we stopped for sandwiches and coffee.  Throughout, my aunt kept talking about the fact that she needed new jeans.  We went into several stores and looked at the jeans, but she didn't want to try any of them on.  Near the end of our expedition, she finally turned to me in frustration and burst out "See?  I'll never find any jeans that fit!"

I asked her:  "How many pairs of jeans have you tried on so far today?"

She stopped and had to think about it for a moment.  Then she laughed.  "None," she said.

"Well," I said, "maybe you shouldn't give up before you get started."

Minutes later, we went into Old Navy, where my aunt finally tried on some jeans.  And hey, guess what?  She found a pair that fit!  And they were on sale!  Whaddaya know.  Good thing she has her trusty niece around to talk some sense into her.

I didn't buy anything for myself.  I did try on a sweater at Old Navy but it made me look like a sausage.  Oh well.  I have more than enough clothes already.

* I have been informed that "table games" is the correct terminology to describe what we play, which includes both board games and card games.  We do indeed play at a table.


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Mmmmm.... sausage... Table games sound fun. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Lynn said...

That kitty is so cute. And it's nice you went with your aunt - I'll bet you both enjoyed that.

Sparkling Red said...

Ron: Happy Thanksgiving to you too! (Just save that greeting for 6 weeks in a cool, dark place. It'll stay fresh.)

Lynn: Yes, we did enjoy it. We always have a good time together.

Riot Kitty said...

That kitty looks like my Mandrake would have as a kitten! Sweet!!

Vanessa T said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Spark!

That kitty is awesome. :) She looks adorable and I love her toes!

I think your aunt is lucky to have you, Spark. You're a good niece. You cherish people. :)

Granny Annie said...

You are a wonderful niece to do this with you Aunt. I simply cannot manage such a chore as trying on clothes all day and don't have jeans either because I can't stand trying them on. Sadly I have more than the tummy issue. I've got poochies everywhere. Good thing I live in the country and can get away with being wrapped in bed sheets if I want to. lol

LL Cool Joe said...

That kitties paws do look a bit overcrowded!

What a perfect niece you are! Perhaps I should take you shopping with me and you help me get some new jeans too. Low raise and sagging a bit, is that okay? :D

Sparkling Red said...

Riot Kitty: She is so gentle when she plays. I have never met a kitten before who is so careful with her claws and teeth.

Vanessa: Thanks! It's a good thing that I enjoy acting as a personal shopper. Maybe I could do it professionally?

Granny Annie: Jeans are the worst. No, wait, formal gowns are the worst. No, actually shopping for bras is the worst. Alright, it's a tie for all three.

LL Cool Joe: No problem. You would be easy to shop for, I bet. :-)

Jenski said...

What a great Thanksgiving weekend, kitty and all! Can't wait for the one down here. :-)