Thursday, November 20, 2014

I drawed a pikchur

Things at my work continue to be kuh-razy.  Our facility has recently been targeted by a couple of different regulatory bodies.  Inspectors have been in here with their proverbial white gloves on, checking every tiny detail and criticizing freely, as inspectors do.

For example: we have a large waiting room/lobby.  There are two doors leading from that lobby out into the wide world, and both are clearly visible and marked with illuminated EXIT signs.  From any point in the room you can easily see at least one door if you're willing to turn your head.  If an evacuation of the building were required, I don't imagine that anyone would have any trouble finding the exits, unless perhaps they were 100% blind, in which case one of the staff assigned to the evacuation team would assist them.

This is not good enough for at least one of the regulatory bodies.  The inspector insisted that we must post a map of the lobby on the lobby wall with the paths to each door clearly marked.  Really?  Is that honestly necessary?  You think that if the fire bell rings someone will, instead of proceeding to the clearly marked exit, pull out their reading glasses and inspect a map?  Well, whatever.  You don't get anywhere by arguing with these people, so we posted a map.

However.  That was not good enough.  The inspector came back and insisted that the path to the doors on the map be printed in RED.  For the love of...  Fine.  We reprinted it in red and reposted.  This was deemed to be satisfactory.

Do you think I'm making this up?  I wish I were making it up.  Truth is stranger than fiction, and I guess the inspector needs to prove to his boss that he's doing his job.

So what's the good news?  I drew this guy.  I'm pretty proud of him, even though one of his eyeballs is twice as big as the other.  Every once in a blue moon I get inspired to do a sketch.  This is from a photo of James Baldwin.

I think his hand turned out well.  That's my favourite part of the sketch.  It looks a bit stippled because I scanned it as a PDF and then converted it to a JPG and that's how it turned out.
Ken thinks it's scary.  I left it on his desk so that he could see it, and when I came in the room he had turned it face down.  Sure, it's a little intense, but that's why I liked the photo!  That and all the interesting lines around his eyes.  What do you think - does it scare you?


LL Cool Joe said...

It's the fared nostrils. Always scary. :D

So what inspired you to sketch? Did you draw the map?

Ginny said...

I always check wall maps rather than proceed directly to the clearly marked EXITS *insert eye roll here*

I can't sketch at all. The hand is really great and that to me is one of the hardest parts.

Sparkling Red said...

Joey: Fortunately the map was not my responsibility. It was made with Adobe something-or-other.
The photo itself inspired me to sketch. What a face!

Ginny: Thanks! That was the last thing I drew, so I guess I was "warmed up" by then.

DarcKnyt said...

Wow, it looks GREAT! I bet your map of the lobby was pretty amazing too. (No, no sarcasm in there at ALL. None.)

The only thing scary 'round here is how talented and able you are. Well drawn, and if the eye's a little big, well, that adds to the image's uniqueness. :)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

It's funny when you do something like that you always see a negative, but if you're lucky there is also something you see that turned out well. I agree the hand is very good!

Jenski said...

Next time the inspectors come through, they'll find something else that's in the wrong color!

Great sketch. I say it's an intense look. Not scary.

Jenny Woolf said...

Yes, I do find it scary! It's partly the pointy teeth but mainly the intense stare of the eyes. And yes I can perfectly see this character as an Inspector! brilliant!

Lynn said...

He might be a little scary. :) Love the hand the most - as you say, the hardest part.

Jameil said...

Quite scary but in an awesome way! Very inspektory

Granny Annie said...

You make me sooooooo be retired! LOL

Vanessa T said...

Well, considering I'm still only able to draw stick people - and those not very well - your sketch looks awesome to me. :) I checked out the pic that inspired you, and you really did do a pretty good job. :)

I'm sorry the Inspectors are making your life so annoying. Actually, I think it's in the fine print of their job description.