Sunday, June 14, 2015

Things I Saw Downtown

When I had short hair, this is what I looked like when it was time for a haircut:

Now that my hair is longer, this is what I look like when it starts to grow out:

Triangle head!  No one likes triangle head.  So yesterday I went downtown to get my hair cut.

Ken was supposed to come with me.  We usually get our hairs cut at the same time.  Unfortunately, Ken was called upon for a Work Emergency.  Bah.  So, I took the train downtown by myself.

When I emerged from the salon, looking coiffed and rubbing a few loose hairs off the end of my nose, I realized that for the first time in months there was nothing I had to do and nowhere I had to be.  Even my usual Saturday Game Night had been cancelled.  I was downtown at 4:30 in the afternoon on a cool, sunny day, with all the time in the world.  Wonderful!

I took a walk heading east along Queen Street, with the sun warming my back.  I did a little window shopping, picking out approximately a gazillion pairs of shoes that I would buy if I had a) infinite cash, b) infinite closet space, and c) magic feet that would never feel pain.  

I bought a taro drink because it was a pretty shade of purple.

Sadly, it was not exceptionally delicious.  It was okay enough to drink, especially after I paid 5 bucks for it, but it tasted like a mashed potato milkshake.  I shouldn't have been surprised by that, considering that taro root is basically an Asian potato.

I stopped to take a photo of this happy robot:

And nearly had a heart attack in the process, when I came this close to accidentally dropping my phone through the metal fencing into this hole:


I was thinking of you guys when I took this photo of cheesy Sir Wilfrid Laurier.  He's on a mural at the Queen subway station.  This painting is around 5 feet tall.  

He's looking grumpy, and I can't blame him.  The cheese treatment is not flattering.  Why did the artist choose to portray him as a cheddar curd?  I have no idea.

Finally, this ad was posted in the window of a health food store:

Is it just me, or is this image too extreme?  I mean, that poor guy looks almost dead.  He's naked, grey-faced, sweating, and the tombstone-like lid of that giant toilet is oppressing him.  Not to mention that any spider who can spin webs that big has got to be the size of a large house cat.  Is this his fate?  Is he going to die of constipation and exposure surrounded  by giant spiders?  Wow.


DarcKnyt said...

The constipation thing in general could've been, let's say. I agree, it was too much.

But as always, you provide THE most entertaining photo essays. I always feel I took the walk with you, and my spondylolisthesis didn't complain once. :)

Happy Weekend, Spark!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Choosing a drink based on color never works out... I am guilty of leaning toward blue drinks with this idea of a flavor in my mind and it never works out :-( Some day I must visit Toronto and have you take me on one of these photo tours of the city. ummm... as long as it involves lots of food places, I loves food places.

PhilipH said...

Enjoy your clever little quips describing your photos. Word perfect.

LL Cool Joe said...

I agree, that poor bloke in the last shot looks too extreme. Not sure why he needed to be naked. I suppose the spider's web was to imply he'd be sitting there, not "shitting" there for a long time. Plain weird.

Jenny Woolf said...

It's so entertaining wandering around and seeing oddities and little things that you'd normally walk past. Thanks for sharing them. I agree poor Laurie has a right to look disgruntled. He looks as if he has had an overdose of carrots!
Taro has never sounded very appealing to me and your comment confirms that it's one I shall avoid in the future. I guess almost pure starch is never that tasty, and I believe Taro is one of the starchiest veg.

Lynn said...

These kinds of "on a walk" photos are right up my alley - I enjoyed this post. Sorry to be late to the party!

Do you like your new haircut? I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago - I think I look like the cartoon character Nancy. :)

I wouldn't go in that shop just because of the toilet ad! Eek!

Ginny said...

There are so many pretty shoes I wish I could buy but I have old lady feet it seems and must go for comfort. Also shoes can get pricey. Besides that I love walking around with nothing to do.

Vanessa T said...

I was sad about the blue drink. Blue drinks should taste ... blue. Sweet as the sky on a cloudless summer afternoon. It did make me think of that old Pepsi Blue, though, remember that? In the 80s?

I love your photo essays, Spark, they're always so fun! And I'm so glad you had a chance to just take your time and wander around enjoying yourself. :)