Sunday, October 4, 2015

Everything Could Have Been Worse

I had a pretty amazing weekend planned.  I was going to take Friday afternoon off work, hop on an eastbound train, and spend the weekend with my father and step-mom at their lakeside home.  We were going to celebrate my birthday with a fancy dinner; I was bringing a board game to play with them; and most exciting of all we were going to go on the annual tour/open house of the local cement factory!  Including a quarry, and machines that grind up big rocks into smaller rocks!  I really wanted to see that.

Unfortunately, I got sneak-attacked by a virus on Thursday.  Around 4 pm my throat started to feel a little funny.  Immediately I plunged into that denial phase we all know too well:  "I'm not getting sick!  It's just a little irritation from the air pollution/thing I ate/lady's stinky perfume."  By 7 pm I could barely keep my eyes open.  I was just. so. tired.  And my nose was running.  I had to admit that considering Ken had been sick with a cold since Monday (oh yeah, that!  which I had so conveniently been ignoring) it was impossible to deny the fact that I was now indisputably SICK too.

Bah.  Not fair!  I had already looked at the website for my fancy birthday dinner location and chosen  what I liked from the online menu.  (Rabbit ragout, for the record.  I know, bunnies are cute, but YOLO, right?)

However, it could have been worse.  I could have not gotten sick until I was already on my way there, which would have been a lot less convenient for everyone.  I don't want to lie around sneezing at someone else's house, and they probably don't want me there sneezing on them.

Also, I could have gotten sicker.  Ken has been down for the count with this bug for a week, and it's been way hard on him.  He's been battling brutal sinus headaches and a runny nose that just won't stop.  I have been walloped much more gently.  I don't have a lot of nasty symptoms; it's mostly just wanting to sleep 13 hours every night and then nap most of the day.

I was able to get 75% of the cost of my train tickets refunded.  Heck yeah.  My imaginary didn't-actually-happen train trip only cost me around $40 at the end of the day.

Finally, I'm already starting to feel a little better.  I left the house today!  Ken and I went to the mall and walked around for like, a couple of whole hours before I started to feel like I needed another 13 hours of sleep!

It has just occurred to me.  Consider the symptoms: sleeping 18 hours per day, wanting only to lie on the sofa, getting up only to eat and bathe...  This may not be a virus after all.  I may be turning into a cat.  Wow.  Well.  If you don't hear from me again after this, send tuna and catnip.  Meow.


Ginny said...

Ugh feel better! I do have plenty of catnip lying around though if you need it. I even keep it in the fridge so it stays fresh!

DarcKnyt said...

Hope you feel better. I hope it doesn't offend if I say I won't clean the litter box OR the hair balls. You're on your own there, Sparkitty. ;)

Get better. We'll say a prayer for you. :)

Sparkling Red said...

Ginny: Catnip in the fridge, you say? I'll have to pass along that tip to my mom. There is no length she will not go to for her boys.

DarcKnyt: *purrs*

tracy said...

Oh, my, what a disappointment...this is what come from wanting to eat bunnies ;)

Feel better soon!

PhilipH said...

That's really rough Sparkly. Just hope you are now 100%.

Catnip? That is a new one to me!

Jenny Woolf said...

Glad your s of h has not been affected by the virus! Sounds like you did the right thing, but I certainly hope that you can have a "late birthday" soon. I hope that the trip can be rescheduled as well.

G. B. Miller said...

Usually denial works for me, since I rarely get sick (except on the weekends, which bites because I have sooooooooooooooooo much sick time that I've accumulated at work to use).

Father Nature's Corner

Lynn said...

Hope you feel better now - I hate that feeling, when you know you are getting it.

Granny Annie said...

Not surprised at your tale of woe. Right now several of my friends are suffering with a virus or something and one is facing a huge lifetime event. She will probably miss her granddaughter's wedding if she does not find a sudden cure. Do you think stress might stimulate a virus? Glad you are improving and moving toward new celebration plans.

Vanessa T said...

Glad you're feeling better hon, and I hope you got a make-up birthday visit! Cement facilities are actually more interesting than you'd think (a relative worked in one when I was a girl) and well, rabbit. I don't think I could eat it, but like you said, YOLO. :)