Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Heat Is On

Yesterday I wore my wintriest down-filled parka, and turned on the furnace for the first time.  We even got a little snow.  This is all a bit shocking, because my mosquito bite welts from a day in September when the high was 33C (91F) have only just faded.  On the bright side, all the deciduous trees in the city are looking very pretty.  (Conifers will have to wait until December for their day in the sun).

Ken and I tried a new ramen restaurant, because there's nothing better on a cold day than piping hot fatty pork soup.  The food was decent.  The ambiance was cheerfully chaotic.  Instead of a kitchen, there was an open cooking area, complete with boiling cauldrons of broth, surrounded by bar-style seating.  Every time the door opened to let customers in or out, everyone on staff yelled a traditional Japanese greeting.  Considering that the place was jam-packed full, with constant turnover, there was a lot of yelling.  This against a background of top-volume electro swing.

I gave my soup 7.5 out of 10, with points off for excessive saltiness and slightly undercooked noodles.  Ken gave his a more generous 8.5, probably because he prefers his food saltier and his noodles more al dente.  There's no pleasing everyone.

I am studying for a new project.  In addition to my usual Saturday evening board/card game date, we are adding a role-playing game meetup on Fridays, starting in November.  I have played Dungeons and Dragons in the past, as in, nine years ago, but the details are foggy.  Therefore, I ordered the latest edition of the player's handbook, which has this handsome cover art:

Yesterday, at Game Night, my more gaming-devoted friends plunged into a highly technical discussion of the ins and outs of the latest rules and their plans for the upcoming adventure.  I tried to follow, but most of it flew over my head.  When asked how far I had worked up my character's backstory, all I could say was that I'd just read Chapter 1 and I was pretty sure I was going to play a gnome.  Clearly I have some homework to do.

Anyway, since you guys seem to like my photos, and since I haven't taken any really relevant photos lately, here are some irrelevant photos.  I snapped them a couple of weeks ago at Lawrence West subway station.  The Toronto transit system is not renowned for its beauty, but it does have its moments.

Bonus photo of wrestler figurines from a comic book store in Kensington Market:


LL Cool Joe said...

I can't say I'd rush to a restaurant for fatty, salty pork soup, where people were yelling all the time, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I really like your irrelevant photos. Very arty.

PhilipH said...

That café or whatever sounds unique but the pork soup? Hmm.

Jolly good photos - great angles. Reminds me of the film "The Third Man" where the camera shots were so well done ... angular.

Jenny Woolf said...

I love the shapes in the photos. It sounds as if you are embarking on a bit of a change, I hope the D&D is still fun. I love to rediscover things that were past passions - just as good as taking up something new because I already know so much about it! I cannot seem to enjoy ramen... even in Japan.

Jenski said...

I had ramen yesterday on a chilly New York day - great minds think alike! Stay warm!

Jenski said...

I had ramen yesterday on a chilly New York day - great minds think alike! Stay warm!

DarcKnyt said...

Wow, D&D! how fun. I haven't played school, I think. My "friends" conspired to make sure I was killed at the game's opening whatever-it's-called, so I never played again. (I don't associate with those people anymore either.) Now the people I know would all say they don't have time for RPGs or would tell me D&D is occultic or something like that. Ah well. I should be writing anyway, right? :)

And you're right - we DO love your photos, relevant or otherwise, and these are no exception. You may have missed a calling here, Spark. You could be a serious artist behind that lens. :)

Granny Annie said...

D&D? How old are you? I only have one grandchild that ever played the game and we were all sure he was possessed. LOL. Just kidding Spark. I do have quite a curiosity about the game. Our weather is cooler also and I finally had to turn on the furnace. Love that first odor of heat in action. That awakens my taste buds for chili.

Lynn said...

I had forgotten about Dungeons and Dragons. And that restaurant sounds like crazy fun.

Snowbrush said...

Thanks for the irrelevance.

Mosquitoes sure do hit your hard.

Vanessa T said...

I have a friend who was very into D&D when it was "in vogue." I never did learn how to play and really don't know much about it.

I love your pics! I think they could be a study in lines and perspectives. You have such an artistic eye, Spark. Have you taken photography classes?

Sparkling Red said...

Hi Vanessa,
No, I have never taken photography classes, although I think I must have picked up a few tips from my ex-husband when he was in art school. Thanks for the compliment!