Sunday, July 31, 2016


Since my step-dad retired and my new boss took over, things at work have been hectic.  My boss's boss, the owner of several successful businesses, has eleventy-jillion ideas to improve the place, and he would like them all done by the day before yesterday.  I believe that some of them are real improvements, and others not so much, but I'm throwing myself into each project with 100% genuine effort.  I've already been accused once of being "obstructionist" because I voiced some doubt about one of the ideas, so from now on I'll be doing whatever they ask for as quickly as it can reasonably be accomplished, without editorializing.

The politics of the office are still simmering.  Because we offer services to professionals, we need to have one representative of that type of professional on the management team.  Only one guy in the whole company was willing to sit in that hot seat.  Everyone else thought it would be more trouble than it was worth, and they might have been right.

The lead professional and the new owner are at odds.  Mr. Professional feels that he knows what's best for the business; so does Mr. Owner, and of course they disagree.  Mr. Professional says "My reputation is on the line!" and Mr. Owner says "It's my business; I'll do what I want to do with it."  Mr. Professional keeps threatening to quit if Mr. Owner proceeds with his "reckless" plans, and Mr. Owner can't run the business without a Mr. Professional.

Therefore, it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone when suddenly Mr. Professional the 2nd appeared on the scene.  Mr. Owner hired him as an "assistant" to the original Mr. Professional, but we all know that Mr. P1 isn't in need of that type assistance. Mr. P2 is there as a spare, so that if Mr. P1 quits, the business can just swap in Mr. P2 and keep rolling.

The introduction of Mr. P2 was dramatic.  We were gathered for a regular management team meeting.  Everyone who was expected at the meeting was already present when, suddenly, the door was flung open and in swept Mr. Owner with his entourage.  He introduced Mr. P2 to everyone and then sat down and made a long speech about how successful the company was going to be.  We listened and nodded obediently in all the right places.

I kept stealing glances at Mr. P1, who I knew would be extremely upset by this turn of events.  No one consulted him before hiring his new "assistant".  His face was red.  I was waiting for a SPLAT sound and the feeling of warm bits on my cheek, because I thought his head might explode.

In the end, everyone accepted the idea... because what else could we do?  Mr. P2 has been nice to everyone so far, and actually he hasn't been around that much, so no one can accuse him of interfering where he's not wanted.  I believe that he's been brought in partly to diffuse the threat of Mr. P1 quitting, and party because of his professional connections.

So, I have one more new boss.  How do I feel about it?  Fine, I guess.  Throw him on the pile!  I have so many bosses now that it's a bit ridiculous, but whatever Mr. Owner wants is okay with me, as long as I get to keep my job and he can keep the bosses (4 at last count, or 5 if you also count Mr. Owner) from delivering conflicting instructions to me.  Oh well.  Never a dull day!


Granny Annie said...

This reminds me too much of my banking days and all the merger madness as banks began to change hands at a rapid pace and we had to go with the flow. I do not envy you this change in your workplace and hope you face doesn't give you away despite you keeping quiet. I was always told that my face told a story of its own.

Ginny said...

I didn't realize that just because you disagree with an idea you're automatically an "obstructionist" That's some BS right there (pardon my french).

Sparkling Red said...

Granny Annie, I have a very straight game face, or so I've been told. However, I can totally picture your face giving you away. ;-)

Ginny, yes, I think so too. I thought that after 15 years of daily experience (more than anyone else on the new management team) my opinion might be taken into consideration... but nope! Oh well. They want to make all the decisions, so they can take responsibility for any of them that don't work out. That's okay with me. I'll just be the technician who makes everything happen on time.

Lynn said...

Hang in there - things like that make me crazy.

Abby said...

Wow, what a soap opera! Cliffhangers and everything - who will survive, P1 or P2? I hope the dust settles soon.

Snowbrush said...

You get to see the ugly side of people up close. I have to watch the news.

Jenny Woolf said...

Doesn't sound like Mr. Owner is destined for huge success, but I think you're doing the right thing keeping out of the emotional side of it all.