Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lost and Found

Here are a few disjointed thoughts about my week:

Work is making me loco in the coconut.  I have posted some of my exasperations on Twitter, if you're interested.

Hey, any creepy stalkers out there dying to know what my hair smells like?  It's your lucky day!  I recently discovered Nature's Gate Herbal shampoo and conditioner.  They both smell so deliciously spicy that I can't wait to jump into the shower every morning for my wake-up shot of aromatherapy.

Toronto is a big city.  Sometimes it's mean and coldhearted.  Up in my neighbourhood, near the city limits, people are decent enough to say "Good morning" and "Thank you" to the bus drivers.  Not so downtown.  The the closer to the financial district one travels, the less friendly the locals are.

I had a very pleasant spontaneous conversation with strangers yesterday, in the mid-town area.  I had stopped to visit a green conure parrot at the pet store.  Her name is Lula.  She's been there for a while.  She looks like this:

I was dangling my scarf over the cage and she was trying to bite it.  This is a game that she seems to enjoy.  A woman who looked to be in her early 70's came over and began to chat with me about Lula.

It was nothing special, just remarking on how smart birds can be, and how pretty Lula is.  We had been conversing for a few minutes when a middle-aged man eating a cup of frozen yogurt wandered over and joined us.  He had once had a pet green-cheeked conure.  He said his bird had been very clever and affectionate.  The bird could speak with an impressive vocabulary.  The man did not have his bird's wings clipped because he felt that it was cruel.  Unfortunately he then took his pet outside, and the bird immediately flew away, never to be seen again.

Shortly after that we all said our Good Evenings and went our separate ways, but I was struck by how unusual it was to have made friends while out on the town. I wish that it could happen more often.

And finally, DarcsFalcon encouraged me to post a photo of my new and improved size 3 butt.  I can't disappoint my fans, so here it is:


DarcKnyt said...

I dated a girl who had a green parrot, but whether he was a conure or not I can't say. He was ornery, though.

And in Texas, people spoke to one another, and I was in DALLAS. I was outside while I was there, smoking, and it was mid-March. The wind was blowing and it was in the middle 30s(F) outside. I was on a morning break from a training session and having a smoke before I had to go back in. One of the building maintenance guys came outside, felt the wind, and shouted, "WOO! COLD today!"

Being from places where people don't speak to each other, and being sort of... well, me, I didn't pay him any attention. Whatsoever. It's what you do in big cities and unfriendly places, like where I'd spent all my life.

An instant later, he said, "Ain't it?" And I looked up to see he was looking right at me. I quickly glanced behind to make sure it was, indeed, me to whom he spoke. It was. No one else was there.

So I smiled and answered, "Well, I'm from Chicago, so..." and I gave him a half-shrug.

His face beamed and he fanned a hand at me. "Ooooohhhh! Piece o' cake!" and he thundered a laugh.

And you know what? I've never forgotten him. I don't believe I ever will.

Here's hoping we can all leave that sort of warm impression on someone in the course of our lives.

And the size 3? Well, let's just say, it's admirable. :)

Jenski said...

I'm sure there is a Pikachu joke in that last photo.

Is Lulu for sale? Would she make a nice pet? ;-)

Sparkling Red said...

DarcKnyt: Isn't it amazing how a few kind words from a stranger can stick with you? My husband loves striking up conversations with people on the subway. He has a lot of fun with some of the people he meets. I'm much more shy.

Jenski: Lula is for sale, and she would probably make a lovely pet, but I have no space for her large cage in my little condo.

Granny Annie said...

Often conversations with strangers are much more rewarding than conversations with acquaintances.

Nice butt. I'm pretty sure this is a first for any of my blog friends. How proud you must be.

Adam said...

cute parrot

Warped Mind of Ron said...

A picture of your butt and a description of how your hair smells??? Boy any stalkers you have should be having the day of their lives ;-)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

A picture of your butt and a description of how your hair smells??? Boy any stalkers you have should be having the day of their lives ;-)

Sparkling Red said...

Granny Annie: Yes, I am so proud of my butt. I am thinking of keeping a framed picture of it on my desk to remind me of my priorities in life. ;-)

Adam: Lula is even more cute in person. In parrot. Whatever.

Ron: Well, you know, in for a penny, in for a pound. I was thinking of including my home address in that photograph, legible with a bit of zooming in, but my husband might not have approved.

Jameil said...

I usually prefer not to talk to strangers. Something came over me when I was working for the Board of Elections last week. Pretty crazy to find myself looking forward to talking to strangers!

Lynn said...

I tend to strike up conversations with strangers, too. It's nice when it happens in a good way like your situation. :)

wigsf3 said...


G. B. Miller said...

Small talk with strangers is the best, 'cause you never know where it could lead to.

DarcsFalcon said...

HAHAHA! You're killing me, Spark! Your bad self is looking good in jeans though, I must say! :D

I know what you mean about talking to strangers though. I'm on the shy side myself, and naturally keep to myself. Around here though, everyone else is like that too. Maybe not shy, but certainly not very sociable.

Cute bird! I had parakeets when I was a kid and there weren't half as entertaining as your parrot friend. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Well I didn't come here and expect to see a photo of your butt. That was a real bonus, as I am a bit of a butt guy, ha. See now I've turned into a pervert. :D Nice arse.

Oh yeah and the parrot is okay too. ;)