Sunday, July 3, 2016

Canada Day at the Farmhouse

Ken and I have new friends who rent a 90-year-old farmhouse on the outskirts of Mississauga.  (It's the white building on the left.)

They invited us and a bunch of other people for a Canada Day BBQ and sleepover.  They're in a community of classic car fanciers, so the parking lot was interesting.

See those clouds in the distance?  By dinnertime they were blowing straight towards us on a chilly wind.  We were sure there would be a thunderous downpour.  But they just blew on past.

 It was one of those potlucks where everyone brings a ridiculous amount of delicious food.  In other words, my favourite type of potluck.  Our hostess provided watermelon punch served straight from the rind.  Isn't that neat?  She's a professional artist, among other things.

Here's the farmhouse kitty.  She wants your attention until she has it.  Then she's shy and runs away.  If you don't try to follow her, she comes back and meows at you.

Movie posters in the kitchen.  Do you think I can find these on iTunes?  They look pretty great.

 Although everyone who came to the party had the option of staying over, most went home.  Those who did stay were originally planning to camp on the lawn, but it was too cold and windy.  (By the end of the evening I had borrowed a down-filled jacket from the hostess.  A down jacket!  On July 1st!  That's Canada for you.)  Fortunately there was enough room inside for everyone to bed down in the guest room, on living room couches, and in the sunroom on an air mattress.

There was a good party going on that night.  Folks were getting their drink on, and there was uninhibited whooping around the fire pit when the fireworks were set off.  

However, amazingly, when I came downstairs in the morning there wasn't a sign of any mess from the night before.  Everything had been tidied up, and, not only that, the table was set for breakfast.  Impressive!

I had thought that we would pack up, move out, and grab breakfast at a diner on the way home, but our hosts were having none of that.  We sat down to scrambled eggs, back bacon, hash browns, and also dug into the leftover cheese tray and veggie sticks from the party.  I even managed to find a red-and-white iced cupcake for dessert.  Breakfast dessert.  Because YOLO, right?

I hope all my fellow Canadians celebrated in equal style, and I wish you 'Mericans a super-great 4th of July!


lotta joy said...

I know three people in Canada. Two of them are friends, so I'm trying to place exactly where you live. One friend lives in Kamloops. The other in Sasq (something) Now I feel stupid, but the brain just took a bathroom break.

I LOVE following the weather channel and knowing how my good friends are spending their days.

Sparkling Red said...

Lotta joy, I live in Toronto. I'm guessing your second friend lives in Saskatoon? :-)

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like a great party, and how cool to come downstairs to a clean house and breakfast being cooked for you. That would be like a dream come true for me! Love the cars lined up outside too. They look like interesting friends to know. :)

Anonymous said...

That sudden rainstorm got me at a picnic around 1:00pm that day. Then the wind blew everybody's drink over. That was a laugh riot.

Abby said...

Looks like a great setting for a party. I love the watermelon punch presentation! Thanks for sharing. Happy belated Canada Day!

Lynn said...

Nice! Love those movie posters. :)

Granny Annie said...

Sounds like a great Canada Day. Saturday before Independence Day we shared barbecued pig at the neighbors. I couldn't eat any because I had known the pig. I did enjoy their red, white and blue pudding cake.

Vanessence7 said...

Oh what fun! That looks like an absolutely wonderful time, Spark! Woo for a great weekend, and great new friends with cool things to do and places to go!

Happy Canada Day!