Sunday, August 21, 2016

Canadian National Exhibition Time

Ken and I took Friday off work to go to the CNE annual fair.  We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day.

We could, however, have picked a cooler day.  It was another scorcher, so we spent at least as much time inside as out.  Fortunately, the CNE has plenty of indoor exhibits.

In the horticulture display, I found a moss moose.  Someone clearly enjoys wordplay as much as I do.

In the shopping area, I was a bit taken aback by this piggy bank, which requires you to insert your coins into its butt.  It's huge, too!  That's a folding chair behind it.

I did approve of this pillow, featuring three enigmatic cat people protecting a slice of watermelon.  At least, that's my best guess as to what's happening here.

We ventured outside to watch an XTREME POGO!!!!!  demonstration.  The stunt team jumped seven feet off the ground and turned somersaults on their pogo sticks.  We bailed after about 5 minutes because it was too damn hot.  I felt sorry for the pogoers in their all-black uniforms.  

Corndogs, available in small, large, and OMG, are you kidding me, does anyone actually want a two-foot long corndog?

One-man-band guy was singing, playing the drum set on his back, plus the guitar on his front, and had a harmonica at the ready.  Although he wasn't quite a solo act this year; the fellow behind him was playing what was more or less a xylophone made of PVC pipes. They were playing The Weight (the "Take a load off, Annie" song), and doing a great job of it.

Kids' area, with scaled down rides.  You can see the CN Tower in the background.

This sculpture/decommissioned fountain was a Pokestop.  I bet the kids appreciated that.

Fountain still in commission.

Cow that looks like a delicious, lightly toasted marshmallow.

One-week old calf.  Awwww! :-)

Turkey, obviously.  Get a load of that neck!  Sheesh!  Somebody get him a bandana please.

It was a great day.  We walked until our feet were sore, picked up a couple of souvenirs, ate treats, and generally tired ourselves out completely in the best way possible.  Hurray for the CNE!


Anonymous said...

How much change you think you could stuff up that pig's tooter?

Abby said...

Glad you made time for this and had a good time! But that piggy bank is just so wrong...

Granny Annie said...

Definitely a bandana for the Turkey and the pig bank could use a diaper. I am sorry it was so hot and your could not enjoy all the outdoor activities. Looks like they had some great ones. I too felt anguish for the Pogo-stick players.

Lynn said...

That looks like so much fun! Love the photos.

Vanessence7 said...

What a fun day! I'm sorry it was so hot though. But yay for indoor exhibits!

Yeah, that piggy bank. *shakingmyhead* Just a bit too much "eww!" in that one despite how cute the piggy is, lol.

I cracked up at "cat people protecting watermelon." Your descriptions, Spark! You are just so creative and funny!

I'm so happy you had such a good time, and a nice day off, too! Woohoo for days with no work!

Jenny Woolf said...

Looks like such a fun event! and such a variety too. I don't think I could survive a corn dog at all, let alone one that was that large.... help...
The cat things and the watermelon were strangely interesting, I wonder what the meaning of them was - there must have been one! There is something about the style that reminds me of those funny creatures you see on medieval manuscripts - except that I don't think the monks who did medieval manuscripts would have ever seen a watermelon!.