Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grace in Small Things #10

It's Passover!  The Passover primer posts from this blog are here and here if you need background.

1)  Last night's Ceder was the first time I'd seen my mom's side of the family since they all found out, one way or another, that I'm attending church.  I was not ostracized nor attacked.  Much to my surprise, everyone treated me the same way they usually do.  This was a huge relief, because frankly, I was nervous.

2)  Since my conversion to the Christian faith, I feel that I know God personally in a way that I never did before.  Therefore, in a bizarre twist of logic, the Jewish religion of my ancestors has actually become more rich with meaning than it ever was to me before.  Although there were many distractions, I did find a way of connecting with the spiritual meaning of last night's Ceder.  This was a welcome change from just going through the ritual motions, as I have in the past.  It does make sense.  It's the same God, right?

3)  My mom is a fantastic cook.  I arrived 2 hours before the guests to help her chop, peel, and set the table, but in the end she was the mastermind of it all.  Lucky me: I got to pack today's lunch from last night's leftovers.  I have a precious Supperware container in my fridge that's going to make today's lunch break one of the best ever.

4)  Ken washed all the dishes - from a three-course dinner for nine people!  He zipped through them with amazing speed and efficiency.  It took two people drying to keep up with him.  I think his dishwashing ability could potentially qualify as a superpower.

5)  What will we do with all the leftover matzah?  There is no shortage of suggestions in this helpful video.... ;-)


wigsf said...

For your sake, I hope Ken isn't so fast he needs two people to keep up with him while he's doing his husbandly chores in other rooms. You know, speed isn't always a good thing.

wigsf said...

Don't look at me like that. You knew I was going to write that.

Claire said...

So, you've got a washer-upper, eh? Lucky gal!


SoMi's Nilsa said...

My Christian in-laws invited us to their church's Sedar, so I'd say it's something the Christian and Jewish faiths can definitely share. (BTW, we declined the offer from our in-laws since we already committed to going to my boss's sedar last night and my aunt's sedar tonight!).

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sedar involves a 3 course dinner? I think I should join!!! Is one the courses steak?? Or maybe Pizza? Mmmmmmmmmmmm What's a matza ball? Is it like a cheese puff?

Scarlet said...

What you say at the end of #2 is so true..."it's the same God, right?" Right! :)

I've been reading an inspirational book ("90 Minutes in Heaven"), which is waking me up to the spiritual world once again. It's awesome! I needed something like this.

A man who washes dishes at top speed...he's a keeper! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. You've go the best man ever. Don't let him get away.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful, blessed seder (ceder?)!

Yes, it's the same God; I think understanding the Jewish traditions makes the rituals so much more meaningful and beautiful, and I have only an outsider's basic (crude?) understanding of them.

Thank you for sharing. God bless you. :)

Sparkling Red said...

WIGSF: LOL I demurely decline to comment on the issue of his other husbandly duties. And I'll look at you like that if I want to!

Claire: Yup, he's a keeper alright!

Nilsa: Happy Passover! I hope you enjoy/enjoyed both your Ceders. :-) I've never heard of a church having a ceder before, but it makes sense.

Ron: You would love the Passover feast. The courses were soup, main, and dessert, plus there are some ritual foods that are sort of like appetizers, but you'd never see them on a regular menu. My mom made roasted chicken AND a buttery-soft beef brisket. Super-nommy! Matzah balls are... like... um... maybe sort of like gnocchi but made with wheat instead of potato flour. Does that help? Have you had gnocchi before?

Scarlet: I haven't hear of "90 minutes in Heaven", but I do love inspirational books. I have to force myself to read other stuff for variety these days, because it's so easy to keep going back for more spiritual recharging... I feel I need to keep at least one foot on the ground!

Unsigned: I'll make sure to hang on to him. :-)

Darcknyt: :-) Don't worry about the spellings of Jewish words. Most of them are originally from Hebrew so there isn't one single correct English spelling. As long as it sounds right it's probably good enough. I hope you have a chance to attend a Ceder someday.

Jameil said...

good food, a renewed relationship with God and someone to cleanup after you eat?? THAT IS GREAT!!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks for the laugh (video)! And yes, it is the same God. All roads lead to Rome. I'm happy you had a lovely sedar.

Jenski said...

I went to my second Ceder ever and loved it. I grew up Christian but appreciate the spirituality of religious observances...Plus I found the afikomen and got chocolate as a reward.

Maybe it is because I didn't eat matzo my whole life, but I'm a fan of just matzo and horseradish. :-)