Monday, April 20, 2009

Grace in Small Things #12

1) The wedding rehearsal went smoothly.

2) My sister/maid of honour and my excellently lovable girlfriend/ringbearer met for the first time at a dinner before the rehearsal, and got along famously. I get really happy when two people I care about like each other, because I have such a history of my loved ones being at war. I like it when my circle of friends becomes more interwoven, like a fabric that knits itself together until it's warm, strong, and protective.

3) My father-in-law drew an incredible picture for Ken and I as our wedding gift. We opened it last night. It's an exquisitely detailed line drawing of two trees. Each has a separate trunk. They lean towards each other across a white background, find each other half-way up the page, and then their trunks and branches intertwine. We hung it up last night, and I fall in love with it again each time I see it.

4) We have volunteers to prepare and serve the tea and cake at our reception. A lovely woman from the congregation, to whom I'd never even been introduced, saw our wedding in the church calendar and volunteered to help set up and brew the beverages. Isn't that amazing? We were strangers to her, a she freely offered her help. Also, our good friends are acting as ushers and will also help serve refreshments. Bless their hearts. It's wonderful to be on the receiving end of all this support.

5) The final details are all falling into place. Little things like: where the church stores its tablecloths and cake servers; who has a key to the fellowship hall so the piano-player can be let in to set up his keyboard; where will my mom be able to lock up her purse during the ceremony... All these questions are answered, and therefore put to rest in my mind. I even slept through the night last night.


darcknyt said...

I'm glad to hear things going well in the final days before the big event -- which allows you to simply have the joy of the day to dwell on!

Congratulations on the big event (just in case I don't get to say it before it happens)!

michelle said...

i hope you have a wonderful wedding day ... it sounds like things are under control and you have the love and support of everyone around you. i am sure that it will be a beautiful ceremony!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

The drawing reminds me of our ketubah. Part of the reason we chose it was we liked the theme of two separate trees whose limbs are intertwined. Sounds like you're all ready for the big day - yay!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Glad all the little details are coming together. The important thing is not to stress if things don't go perfectly. The most important thing is you two are together and acknowledging your commitment. The rest is just bonus stuff.

unsigned said...

Not long now!

Karen said...

I am so happy things went so well at the rehearsal. Take a photo of the drawing Ken's dad drew and share it with us! Please. Pretty Please.

wigsf said...

Things usually go well at the rehearsal, right? I've only been to two of them and both weddings had to deal with things unprepared for by the rehearsal. Hope yours goes smoothly.

Jameil said...

yay!! you're so close! and i'm happy things are going well!

LL Cool Joe said...

I'd love to see the drawing too!

I'm glad all the Wedding arrangements are going so well. Our church is full of people that offer their help and support in this way too and it never fails to amaze me. :)

Sparkling Red said...

Darcknyt: Thank you! I am feeling bizarrely calm at the moment. It's like my body has total faith that everything will go perfectly, even if my mind isn't completely convinced.

Michelle: Thank you! It's amazing having so much support coming my/our way. I'm not used to receiving so much, but I could get used to it. :-)

Nilsa: Almost ready. I have my waterproof mascara and everything. ;-)

Ron: That's true. Even if I trip on my dress, or the pastor stutters, or even if the cake got dropped on the floor - it will still be my beautiful, perfect day.

Unsigned: T minus 4 days and counting!

Karen: Your wish is my command.

wigsf: Something had better go wrong, or what will I have to blog about? ;-)

Jameil: Yup, almost there! Thanks. :-)

LL Cool Joe: Your wish is my command.

San said...

Lots of grace is entering your life. You know the old saying: God is in the details.

Jenski said...

Wonderful! Especially your friends and family all around you for this wonderful time.