Friday, May 22, 2009

Grace In Small Things #14

1) Zaidy seems to be stable. He eats on his own now - mush only, but he can manhandle his own spoon. Also, last time I saw him he had shoes on; the nurses are making him stand up to get into his wheelchair instead of using the mechanized sling-lift. He's not talking much, but if I give him the "thumbs up", he'll give me two thumbs up too.

2) I broke the database today, but I got it fixed before anyone else suffered the consequences. Thank you, smart helpdesk guys!

3) The database broke me. The stress of this week piled up. The last straw was an angry boss - angry because he couldn't reach me while I was tied up on the line for over 20 minutes with tech support trying to fix the catastrophe caused by one wrong butterfingers click. I called Ken, and when he heard my voice cracking he insisted on coming to my office just to give me a hug and tell me how much he loves me.

4) Long weekends (Monday was Victoria Day in Canada) are followed by short weeks.

5) Long days. Walking home in the setting sun after 8:30 in the evening. New leaves. Kids on trikes with plastic streamers flying from the handlebars.


Anonymous said...

I hope your weekend gets so good you can't handle the joy.

God bless you.

wigsf said...

Good to hear about your zaidy. Thumbs up!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Glad to hear Zaidy is improving!

Scarlet said...

Aw, Ken is so sweet to come and hug you when he hears the stress in your voice. :)

I love your paints an awesome visual. :)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs! The world needs more of them. You're lucky to have a guy like that.

Jameil said...

I love small graces! Hurray for long weekends and short work days!

Claire said...

I hoep you've had a lovely weekend. Yay for Zaidy's progress, and Ken's kindness.


Dianne said...

Ken is a sweetie :)

glad about Zaidy

hope this weekend we refreshing and relaxing and there's still most a day left

LiLu said...

Who can resist a long weekend and long summer days? It is the best time of year :-)

Aurora said...

I'm glad your zaidy is doing alright. Being thumbs up is a very respectable showing in the game of life.

You're having database trouble eh! those databases are pretty crucial. Nice that Ken can offer you support and be there when you need it!

Nicole said...

Your husband is the greatest and your Boss was a jerk. Ask him for a separate "Boss phone line"

NicoleB said...

P.S.: Glad, Zaidy feels better!