Sunday, July 5, 2009

I gots glasses

Finally, after carrying the prescription around in my wallet for two months, I got myself a new pair of glasses. They look like this.

It's a big deal, getting new glasses. Not as big as it was when I wore them every waking moment, but still very important. My eyes aren't complete without them, so I think of my glasses as being almost part of my body.

If you ever ask to try my glasses on, you'd better be careful. Don't get fingerprints on the lenses. That's as rude as sticking your thumb in my eye. I'm not kidding.

It's been 8 years since I last bought a pair of glasses. My prescription has changed. Styles have changed. I spent a full hour browsing the optical store, growing increasingly frustrated. The current style of rectangular frames doesn't suit my face. My other challenge is having a big head. Yup, it's true. I wear men's hats because women's hats won't fit. A lot of frames made for women are too tiny. By comparison they make my face look like the side of a ham. Seriously.

Anyway, I finally found my perfect pair. They're nice and wide. The slight upward tilt of the frames towards the outer corners is the key to why this style, of all the rectangular frames on offer, suit me. I also love that they're purple. Or rather, "Black/Berry". But I say: purple!

Last time I bought glasses, it took a month for the lab to prepare them and ship them to the optical store. Then when I went to pick them up I found they'd used the wrong frames, and it took another month to fix the problem. This place has a lab in the back room. Those sweet babies were done and on my nose within 15 minutes. It was awesome! They still smelled like burning from the glass-grinding machine.

I always go for the best that I can afford. I'm blind without them, so it's a good investment. I got the highest index lenses on the market - they just came out this year - to minimize the Pointdexter bottle-bottom look. The other options were scratch resistance, glare reduction, and UV protection. These specs are fully loaded.

I'm enjoying them right now. Woot! I can see!


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Congrats on the vision. Hmmm... I always upgrade to the bulletproof lenses with optional x-ray vision myself, but to each their own I guess.

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow you make wearing glasses exciting! I so need to get some for reading, but I'm too conceited. I just can't see them going with my hip hop look!

Yours look good. Have you ever considered lazer treatment?

Anonymous said...

Now, if they can see through walls and provide winning lotto numbers, you're all set!

Congrats! I know how getting new glasses can be so cool and fun. And getting the glasses equivalent of Bentleys? Priceless!

Karen said...

My uncle was a freak about his glasses too. He always complained that someone touched them. Once he had babies who grabbed at his glasses all the time, he loosened up.

Yours look good.

Scarlet said...

I've seen pics of you and I didn't notice a large head. I think you're going to rock those glasses, btw. Nice choice!

Vanessa said...

Yay for being able to see! It's a beautiful thing. :)

I'm curious though - why did you walk around so long without getting your prescription filled?

powdergirl said...

Nice frames.
I'm happily going blind over here, the worse my eyes get the better I look.
Woot Woot!

wigsf said...

So glad those aren't old lady glasses. I was afraid you'd get old lady glasses.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Specs!

Jenski said...

I like 'em! It took me about a month to pick out glasses last time. I kept going back and trying new ones on until I found a pair that I loved and wanted to wear.

Dianne said...

we have the same frames!! now I feel chic :)

NicoleB said...

Glad you got them and love them :)!!
Fingerprints on any kind of material are a "NoNo".

Sparkling Red said...

Ron: Bulletproof? Perhaps I'm being optimistic in my assumption that no one is going to shoot my eye out.

Joe: I looked into laser treatment, but the potential complications turned me off it. I wouldn't advise you to read up on the subject. It's pretty gory stuff.

darcknyt: I can't see through walls, but I should try wearing them to the casino. You never know until you try!

Karen: Babies have no respect for glasses! I always wear my contact lenses to Babyland.

Scarlet: It's not noticeably large, to the naked eye. It's only relative to hat measurements and glasses frames standards.

Vanessa: I went to the eye doctor while I was in the middle of planning my wedding, and then forgot about the new prescription for a few months.

Powdergirl: Sometimes it's nice to see the world in soft focus. :-)

wigsf: Nah, not until I'm an old lady. :-)

Unsigned: Thanks!

Jenski: It's worth it. Having ugly glasses is a heavy cross to bear. ;-)

Dianne: Really? The exact same? I love it! I like my glasses even better now. :-)

Nicole: Speaking to a photographer, I know you get it. Hands off the lenses!

Aurora said...

it IS exciting when you get a new prescription. And also when you get a new glasses style!! your new glasses look hot...