Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The hoodie's days are numbered. It's the way of fashion: once a trend peaks, once everyone is wearing it, it's bound to go out of style within a couple of years. I won't miss the hoodie.

Yes, I have a few hoodies, I must admit. They're still in pretty good shape. I have:
  • A pink, cable-knit, Tommy Hilfiger zip-front cardigan. It was a birthday gift many a year ago. It's getting worn out, but I still get compliments on it.
  • An olive green, fitted, fleece pullover with 3/4 length sleeves and no pockets.
  • A couple of short-sleeved, zip-front, cotton hoodies. One is robin's egg blue with a pattern of little blue flowers. The other is white with big blue and orange, Hawaiian-style flowers.

I do like how they look. I tolerate hoodies in my wardrobe because the drape of fabric as it falls back from the neckline over the shoulders can be very flattering.

On the other hand, if the fabric is too thick or the hood is too small, the hood can bunch up at the back of one's neck, creating an undesirable hunchback effect. The worst-case scenario is when hoodies are layered, under or over other jackets, or even with other hoodies. The padding effect can spoil even the best posture, and makes a normal neck look stunted.

The other problem I have is with the zipper of zip-front hoodies. The second one bends over at all, the zipper is compressed into a series of bulging curves. If the hoodie is longer than midriff-length, you only have to sit down to get this unflattering effect. I am a big fan of button-front cardigans for this reason. Or pullovers, if you prefer.

What's your take on the hoodie?


powdergirl said...

The hoodie has its place in my wardrobe, but mainly as a gym garment.

I have a few button front, hooded cardigans as well.

I like the drape of them much better, I do love to have a hood for when the evening cools down, especially at the beach.

LL Cool Joe said...

You'll have to come to Joey's pad to find out what I think! :D

darcknyt said...

If I could live in nothing else but hoodies (and had weather year-round to match), I'd do so. I adore the hoodie.

Please, God, don't take my hoodies away. :(

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I have this really comfortable hoodie! It's neon pink with horizontal neon green stripes and the hood portion is yellow and black and over-sized. Instead of a front pocket it has a huge pouch in the front like a kangaroo and is waterproof so it can be used like a cooler. It holds about a 12 pack of cola!! The bottom is also has a beaded fringe all the way around that reaches almost all the way to my ankles. I wear this almost daily as it is my favorite thing in my wardrobe!!!

unsigned said...

I like tha hood.

Vanessa (DarcsFalcon) said...

You know, I don't believe I own a single hoodie. Hmm.

wigsf said...

I have a couple. One is plain black with a Nike swoosh. Pretty cheap and not very warm or soft. My other is a big soft blue one. It's got a big R and W on the front, a patch that reads "WIGGUM" on each arm and a huge picture of Ralph Wiggum on the back. Oh, did I mention the picture shows Ralph picking his nose? Well, it does.

This is the best hoodie I've ever worn. It's soft, comfy, snuggy and very warm.

Pretty much I only wear hoodies around the house during the winter.

Sparkling Red said...

Powdergirl: A hood can be a very practical accessory in cold weather. I'm all for hoods in that respect.

LL Cool Joe: Thanks for introducing me to Lady Sovereign! She's awesome.

darcknyt: Don't worry; your hoodies are safe. For now...
Perhaps you could write a horror story about a terrible force threatening your hoodies. ;-)

Ron: I'm so sure. And you wear it as a bathrobe over your corset and thong when you're lounging in bed, am I right?

Unsigned: I thought you would.

Vanessa: How unusual! I applaud you for not jumping onto the trend bandwagon. I always end up participating in trends that I originally made fun of. I'm a fashion follower.

WIGSF: I know that hoodie - it's featured in your Twitter photo. So you're like Ken: you basically have one favourite hoodie and you wear it all winter long. That's cool. It's better for men not to want lots of clothes. That allows more space in the closet for the wife. I mean, the wife's fashions. Unless you keep your wife tied up in the closet. But I digress...

wigsf said...

Closet??? When not worn, the hoodie lives on a chair next to my night table. So, right now, hottest day of the year, my day-to-day winter sweater is on a chair and not in a closet.

Dianne said...

would you believe I don't own a hoodie
not sure I ever did!!

I don't like the bulk and I never wear anything on my head

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I love hoodies. Mostly because I'm always cold and they offer me yet another option for layering up to stay warm!

Sparkling Red said...

wigsf: Then you are even more devoted to your hoodie than Ken is. And that's saying something.

Dianne: Nothing on your head, ever? I love my hats. They keep the sun off in the summer, and keep me cozy in the winter. However, you'll never catch me wearing a baseball cap.

Nilsa: Yes, they can be very practical.

Jenski said...

I stick with warm hoodies mostly, and think they are great to throw on for casual occasions or hanging out at home.

Otherwise, I am all over the cardigan. I actually have one with a large collar, so it's almost like a hoodie, but not really. :-)

Aurora said...

I always feel self-conscious wearing a hood. I don't think it's really me! The only time I wear it is when I'm freezing in the library and there is no place to warm up.