Sunday, November 15, 2015

Royal Winter Fair, Part 1

Oh boy, you guys!  I went to the Royal Winter Fair with my Aunt!  You know what that means.  It's time for an ADVENTURES IN SPARKLAND PHOTO ESSAY!  (tm)

As soon as the streetcar doors opened at the fairgrounds, we could smell manure.  Who was doing all the pooping?  Let's go inside and see.  Starting with this fellow:

A mild-mannered llama who allowed visitors to pat his fluffy neck.  I waited my turn and got in there for some fuzzy lovin'.  Unfortunately I committed a faux pas by patting the llama on his head.  His ears went back and his human (the man in the blue shirt right behind him) said "Oh, I can see he's upset now," so then of course I felt bad.  Sorry, llama!  I didn't mean to annoy you.  There should have been a sign posted or something.

The Poo or False game of farm knowledge for children:

Answers were glued to the bottom of the (fake) cowpats.

This big bunny had some serious triple chins.  I guess she uses them as a pillow when she's sleeping.

For the past two years, I've gone to the fair on the first Friday that it's open.  I'm used to this one building being completely devoted to goats.  I love goats!  This year I went on the second Friday.  All the goats had gone home to their farms, and had been replaced by sheep.  I guess that's based on the competition judging schedule.  Oh well.  Sheep are pretty nice too.

Two friends sleeping nose to nose.

Here's my Aunt patting a wooly head.

Some of the sheep had been shorn.  In order to keep them warm in the somewhat chilly barn, some farmers had dressed their charges in sweaters or coats.  These guys looked a little weird with their hoods on.  I heard one lady say "They look like Klan members."  

Well, maybe a little, but they are black, so the similarity only goes so far.

This little girl was having a snooze.  She was dreaming and her little hooves were twitching.  I imagined that in her mind she was running across a sunny meadow full of clover.  Doesn't she look happy?  I wonder what she counts in order to fall asleep.

 After a considerable time spent on sheep appreciation, we moved on to the cow barn.

Look at those markings!  They don't look real.  If I hadn't seen the cows with my own eyes, I would have thought these were painted on.

The cow barn was busy.  Some of the ladies were being milked by mechanical pumps.  Others were being groomed for the judging ring.  If you haven't seen a cow at the "beauty salon", being primped by a team of humans wielding clippers, hairdryers, and brushes, you haven't seen everything.  

We didn't watch the cow contest.  We did see a little of the sheep pageant, just by virtue of being close to the judging arena.  The sheep had strong opinions about being made to stand in front of the judges.  There was a lot of loud complaining from the contestants, which was then echoed by their compatriots who were still waiting their turn.  My Aunt, who does volunteer worth with horses and is thus more of a farm expert than I am, said that the sheep were upset at being separated from the flock.  Poor sheep.  It's tough not understanding why about almost everything.

That's not the end, but I'm saving the rest of the photos for another post.  Stay tuned for horses and giant vegetables!


Jenny Woolf said...

Those giant rabbits really are something else. And also the sheep outfit! :)

Lynn said...

What a nice time! Love the llama. :) I got a book for my wee nephew called, "Is your mama a llama?" It's one of his favorites.

DarcKnyt said...

Wow, the giant rabbit and the sheep ghost costumes were awesome! Also, fake poo! Who doesn't love that?

Sorry you missed the goats though. Maybe next year.

Granny Annie said...

Your were so fortunate that the upset Llama did not spit on you. They are good at that. I also prefer goats to sheep. Sheep are okay but I miss my little goat herd. Every time I say I will get some more, my family protests loudly. Sharing your visit in cyberspace is the best way to visit the fair. No poopie odors:-)

Vanessa T said...

Ooooh, an Adventures in Sparkland Photo Essay!(tm)!! I LOVE those! :D I do, honest I do. :) You take great pictures, Spark, and the way you describe everything make me feel like I'm there. You put such a cute and unique description on things.

I'm sorry you missed the goats, but the sheep were kind of interesting. Who knew they got dressed up for Halloween? Not me! I wouldn't have said Klan though - maybe Ghost Sheep.

I am so looking forward to the horses. I love horses. Thank you for going to the fair for me. :)


Ginny said...

Awww I love all of these photos.

Snowbrush said...

Some kids got sick after petting animals at the fair here, so now there are hand-washing stations all around the animal pens. I’m sure it’s for the best, but am sad how germ-phobic my country has become because I can’t help that it spills over into our attitudes toward the world as a whole.