Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Name Dropping

When I was working in a health food store near movie shoots:

Saul Rubinek came in and bought a bag of Cheesy Bearitos popcorn while I was on cash.

More excitingly, a gofer came in and bought a bunch of stuff on Kevin Bacon’s credit card. So, if you slightly bend the rules of the game Six Degress of Kevin Bacon, I am only two degrees removed from Kevin Bacon himself. And since you almost know me, you’re three degrees away now. Amazing!

Connections through my high school, North Toronto Collegiate Institute.

Eric Lindros went to my high school, one grade behind me. He’s famous in Canada. Has anyone outside of Canada heard of him?

Apparently I missed Keanu Reeves by one year. Ain’t that the luck! I have been told that he attended my high school for one year, the year before I started. I should have skipped a grade. Then I could have Keanu Reeves in my yearbook instead of Eric Lindros.

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Stewie said...

I saw Pat Sajek once in a Safeway (he lives in the same area I do).

It was a Sunday morning and he looked like he had a ROUGH Saturday night.