Saturday, November 24, 2007


Here are some things you might like to do if you get stuck in an uninhabited apartment for one hour with no TV, no internet, and one friend.

1) If you brought food, enjoy a snack. One serving of fruit juice and a package of sesame snaps should hit the spot.

2) Find the 20-year-old boom box with the broken tape deck. Turn the balance all the way to the right, to compensate for the missing left speaker.

3) Dance in the kitchen. Convince your friend that it's cool to do fake ballroom dancing to top-40 pop hits, especially including twirls and dips.

4) Locate a board game. The traditional Asian game of "Go" should keep you busy for a while. Try to remember the rules. Fail. Make up some rules. Play badly by the made up rules for a few turns, then abandon the game. Promise to look up the rules on the internet as soon as you get plugged back in.

5) Locate a pen and paper. Play Hangman. A good word with a lot of letters to challenge your friend with is "Rumplestiltskin" . If he takes a long time to guess the word, let him have extra turns by drawing individual facial features onto the hangman instead of drawing in that last leg.

6) Feel grateful for this opportunity to experience life without cable. (Although you probably wouldn't want to carry on like this for much more than an hour.)

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