Friday, November 16, 2007

Why I prefer cats

Why do I post about work so much? Because home is kind of boring, in a good way. In a "no news is good news" kind of way. I don't have kids and I don't have pets (thanks to Ken's allergies). I do have an array of beautiful and much-loved houseplants, but somehow I think that appreciating houseplants is one of those experiences that doesn't translate so well into prose. It's one of those "you had to be there" kind of things.

If I'm wrong, and there are crowds of green-thumbers out there who would love to hear me rhapsodize about the new blooms coming up on my azalea, just let me know.

I used to have cats. I am a cat person through and through. I appreciate dogs at a distance, with all their spontaneous, wiggly, loving energy. Up close? I can cope with a clean dog. Dogs that want bathing, or drooly dogs - ew. I wish I could explain to a dog that I don't want to touch that sticky tennis ball. Nor do I want my face licked.

Why I prefer cats: The purring. The softer, more snuggable body. The lack of drooling. The self-cleaning. The litterbox advantage. The fact that there is no domestic cat big enough to drag me down the street by its leash.

I miss having cats around the place. On the bright side, I can sit down anywhere I want in my good clothes and not get completely furry. And of course, while a litterbox is an improvement over picking up your pet's poop while it's still warm, it's pretty nice to have no litterbox at all. However, if Ken's immune system could handle it, I would not hesitate to repopulate my world with cats. The love is worth all the poop.

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