Monday, March 16, 2009

Grace in Small Things #2

1) After four years of taking me everywhere, my black shoes are finally wearing out. Now I have a reason to go shopping for new shoes. I love new shoes.

2) I'm wearing a bracelet that a friend gave me on Saturday. She made it herself, from beads that she says are the same colour as my eyes.

3) On Friday I sent out an e-mail wedding invitation to all my best friends. This morning my inbox was flooded with happy replies, everyone cheering us on and feeling elated for us. The joy is contagious.

4) This morning I recieved a compliment from a patient whom I've never met. I left a message for her on her voice mail. When she called back she told me that I have a caring and compassionate voice. I was glad we were speaking on the phone so she didn't see me blush. She made my day.

5) Ken sent me a message this morning with the subject "I'm going to suprise you..." All it said in the body was "Wait..." I wrote him back asking for details, and again he wrote back "Wait..." So now I'm waiting. And there's grace in the waiting because I'll bet my bottom dollar that it's going to be something really, really good.


Claire said...

Can't wait to find out what the surprise is, sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, did the message have that typo? Or was that your doing?

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I checked my e-mail like three times and my invite must have been lost :)

Hope the surprise was a great one.

LL Cool Joe said...

See I came here to see what the surprise was too!

Could it be Daniel? Did you know that Hello Kitty has a boyfriend called Daniel, who's into hip hop music? No really. Apparently he's a good dancer. :D

Kate said...

That's just mean to make you wait. Hahahaha!

Sparkling Red said...

Claire: You'll have to wait just a little longer... ;-)

WIGSF: That was my typo. I take full reponibilty for my poor spelling.

Ron: You could come. It would only take you, what, like two or three days to drive here? Certainly it's worth coming all the way to Toronto. I promise the cake will be really good.

LL Cool Joe: Well, I learn something new every day. I just checked and found out about Dear Daniel. How could I not know about my own boyfriend? It's like I have two personalities, or something.

Kate: Yes, I think he enjoys torturing me with the suspense.

NicoleB said...

Ohwa, now I want to know what the surprise is :)

I make notes to what I'm grateful for during the day,like seeing deer, or a hedgehog close up :)
Having sunshine and seeds that start to grow :)

I love your list!
And thanks for the reminder!

Karen said...

I think you cheated! Ken plotting a surprise is a BIG thing. LOL. I like happy posts.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Some of the happiest moments leading up to our wedding was when Sweets and I got to read what people said in their RSVP replies. Doesn't it make the special day feel a little more real and a little less distant?!

Sparkling Red said...

Karen: You're right - I did consider that it's cheating. But there are no penalties!

Nilsa: Absolutely. I get butterflies in my stomach every time the day crystalizes a little more.

Jenski said...

The beauty of not keeping up with the internets is that I get all of your Small Things lists at once...must get to #3.

Lots of feel-good stuff going on for you. That's wonderful!