Friday, March 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things #8

1. I'm grateful for the flood of responses to my last post, which were by turns touching, insightful, caring, thought-provoking, and funny. I love how much I can count on receiving an abundance of support and well-needed perspective. My friends, you are THE BEST!

2. After I posted yesterday, I called my more kindly boss and explained that I've been under more stress than usual lately. He was very understanding. I said that I don't like to bring my personal problems to work, but I had to admit when I was at my limits. Not only was he OK with that, but he offered to help any way he can.

3. A very effective homeopathic remedy allowed me a restful sleep last night. Another tablet this morning stilled the butterflies in my stomach. I'm carrying the bottle in my purse, just in case, but your comments are better medecine than pills.

4. I'm looking forward to going to my mom's house for dinner tonight. She still lives in the house I grew up in. Walking "home" from the subway, through a large, grassy park and along streets lined with cozy houses and tall trees takes me back in time in the best way. For 20 minutes as I walk, I re-live all the best memories from my childhood as a feeling that pervades my body from head to toe.

5. I'm looking forward to hugging my furry little brothers. (Newcomers: I'm referring to my mother's cats.) Unfortunately the one with the bad dandruff and shedding problems is the one who's more eager to snuggle, but hey, that's what adhesive rollers are for.


whatigotsofar said...

Cats. But aren't part-Ewok? Don't you literally have a furry little brother?

Jameil said...

reliving the best of any time is fantastic!! have a good time! glad things are looking a bit up.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

The best thing about blogs is that friends are only an e-mail away :)

Hope you had a great dinner and relaxing walk. Feel free to send me any leftovers.

Claire said...

Yay for relaxed evenings!


NicoleB said...

I'm glad you are on the way for the better :)
Keep those pills close! :)

And I'm also glad you have at least one great boss :)

I know that feeling of walking down the memory lane in a good way :)
Wishing you lots of fun at your Mom's! (Or was this yesterday in your time, I'm lost :) )

"Little brothers" :D
I see we are not the only ones crazy with our pets ;)

LL Cool Joe said...

I have to say I agree with Ron. "The best thing about blogs is that friends are only an e-mail away."

Sparkling Red said...

WIGSF: Yes, but I usually don't discuss him publicly, out of respect for my family's reputation.

Jameil: Thanks! I'm back to myself again. The doubts are evaporating.

Ron: The dinner was super-duper, and so was the walk. I'll have to go into more detail in a post.

Claire: Amen to that. :-)

Nicole: Oh yes, I am all for treating pets like people. Small, rather ill-mannered people. ;-)

LL Cool Joe: I get more support and faster through posting one blog entry than I could any other way. I love meeting friends face-to-face, but that takes time and opportunity. Even by phone you can only talk to one person at a time. There's a time and place for those relationships, but with a blog I can press the PANIC button and help floods in immediately. It's very reassuring.

Scarlet said...

There's nothing like one day after the next I always say. It's good to hear you're feeling better. I love reliving happy moments from childhood; they're the best kind of therapy!

San said...

Spark, your "grace in small things" reminds me to look for the same. Thank you.

Now I must read your previous post. Sorry I've disappeared for a while.