Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy Busy Week

I have beautiful moles. So says the dermatologist who checked me out last Thursday. She had an intern with her, a timid girl who hadn't yet developed the confident, impersonal touch of health care professionals. I perched on the examining table, waxy paper crinkling under my butt. The intern gingerly picked up each of my bare feet in turn to check the soles. She spread my toes apart apologetically, as if she wasn't sure she had my permission to do so, glancing up at me to make sure I wasn't getting upset. I was fine and dandy. The dermatologist is my favourite doctor, because there is no poking, proding, injections, or other sharp instrumentation. The best part was when the doctor started quizzing the intern on mole facts. I felt like an extra on Grey's Anatomy. I love that show.

I spent an hour on Saturday pretending to be a car. Vroom vroom! I got down on the floor and scooted around with my friends' two-year-old. When I crashed, he was my toe truck. He grabbed me by my toes and dragged me to the service station. Then we ran around in circles until we were dizzy. At one point while I was sitting on the floor, he spontaneously rushed over and hugged my head, which totally made my whole week. This was at a birthday party with old friends. The rest of the time we sat around eating spaghetti Bolognese and laughing ourselves silly.

I stepped over the threshold into my new workplace for the first time. We won't be moving in for months. Right now, the space is still part of a health club. There's a pool, which will be filled in for us. My staff has been lobbying for a swim-up reception desk, but I maintain that they would prune very badly by the end of an eight-hour shift. There's also a wrestling ring, which I thought we should keep as a Conflict Resolution Area. Disagreement at a board meeting? Let's settle this with a piledriver competition! It was amazing to be introduced to this space, where I will spend the vast majority of my waking hours for the next five to ten years. The best part is there's a cafeteria in the building, so I'll be able to buy lunch without bundling up and trudging through snow in the winter.

And I helped a friend, who is feeling very depressed, to make some headway on her issues, and to feel a little hopeful. And I sang at a practice with my church group, feeling my heart swell and lift up on the wings of the spirit. And I went out with another good friend to see the movie Amreeka, which was very touching and thought-provoking. And and and... so much more. I had enough material to write a post every day, but not enough time.

My life is full, in the best possible sense of the word. I am full.


darcknyt said...

See? If you were still single, you could be pimpin' your moles all over the 'Net. ;)

Sounds like a pretty good weekend! How sweet is THAT? :)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I say keep the pool and the wrestling ring.... I mean seriously if you guys change your minds later it will a pain in the butt to rebuild that pool.

wigsf said...

You brought a mole to a dermatologist??? What next? Bringing a vorpal bunny to the dentist?

DarcsFalcon said...

If you must have a mole, at least it's a beautiful one. :D

So many good things up in your neck of the woods, happiness and optimism seem to be the buzzwords of the day, and I'm so happy for you! You've had a rough few months recently and it's good to see the Sparkling side again. :)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Some of the best weeks are when you have a little of everything. So glad your cup is filling or even full as a result!

Jenski said...

Certainly sounds wonderful and fulfilling! It's always great to take inventory of so much good stuff.

G said...

Sounds like you had a great fun filled week reconnecting with the lighter side of life.

Scarlet said...

They say moles are sexy (some of them) and I've seen a few that add character to a person's face. My mother had one near her upper lip (like Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe) but had it removed when it changed color.

I used to play vroom vroom with my son and we both LOVED it! Now he wants nothing to do with me...it's all sports and dad most of the time. :(

Sounds like your life is busy and full. Enjoy it!

PS - I shut down my blog but will probably open a new one in the near future. I'll let you know if/when. :)

Sparkling Red said...

darcknyt: I'm picturing Lavalife for moles. It's not a pretty sight.

Ron: I would at least like to have a giant punching bag in the corner of my office, for stress relief.

wigsf: I think a guinea pig would be more appropriate for my dentist.

Darcsfalcon: I have many moles. Sometimes I wonder if I connected all the dots would there be a secret message or symbol on me? Maybe a map to buried treasure?

Nilsa: Yes, I needed some positive times. Life got too heavy for a while, but then it lightened up again.

Jenski: I feel very blessed.

G: Indeed. Bad times are always only temporary. (Good times are only temporary too, but I try not to focus on that too much.)

Scarlet: Aha, that's what happened. I was missing your blog. Good to know I'll be on the invite list for your new one, when you're ready to get it going.

Jameil said...

Never been to a dermatologist but i think I have beautiful moles! Lol @ the nervous intern. All the ones I've ever seen were basically mute. Why won't you let them keep a pool??? So mean! Lol. There should totally be a gym on site now! I added Amreeka to my queue on Netflix!

Jameil said...

oh & the head hug sounds divine! :)