Friday, November 13, 2009

Vampires Got Me

I'm slightly feverish, but I couldn't resist writing a post to solicit sympathy. At this point there's nothing that I want more than to have as many people as possible go "Aw, poor you!" and send me hugs. There, I'm being up front about it. No sneaky manipulation on this blog.

It all started on Thursday, when I went to talk to my doctor about my blood test results. You know how when people say they "just want to talk" but it turns out they want more? Well... he can't get my anemia under control. Lots of iron going in, in the form of my daily "rust juice" supplement. Not too much iron coming out in any perceptible way. So it must be a problem with absorption or iron metabolism.

He pulled out a lab requisition and started writing a laundry list of all the tests he wanted done. To myself, I was all "Again? Dang, I just had blood drawn three weeks ago." But I didn't think much of it. As long as I lie down during the process I've always been fine to get it over with and go back to work after.

Apparently 3 weeks wasn't long enough for my blood to regenerate. I read online later that your blood pressure stabilizes within 24 hours with added water content, but all the cells that actually get the job done, like platelets and white cells, don't regenerate for 4 - 6 weeks depending on how much blood was lost. Oops. Add to that the fact that I'm small, 115 lbs, so relative to my overall blood volume each vial is a higher percentage of what I've got to work with.

I don't know how many vials they took, because I don't look. It was a fairly painless procedure. The lab tech had a very gentle touch with the needle and it was all over quickly. I didn't feel overly anxious. But I couldn't seem to get up off the examining table. Every time I swung my feet over the edge and levered myself up on one elbow I started seeing grey spots. I'd lie down and try again a few minutes later - same thing. Also, my teeth were chattering. I wasn't sure why.

Eventually they brought me some water to drink, and I ate an apple I had with me. That gave me enough energy to get up and travel back to work, but I really wasn't feeling very well. I thought I just needed a little more time to find my equilibrium.

I wasn't at work for very long before I realized I was feeling worse. I couldn't stand up for long without getting that horrible squeezing feeling in my back that I recognize as a prelude to blacking out. I could only walk at a shuffle. I kept feeling like I might start to cry.

I called Ken, who came and brought me home. I couldn't understand why I felt so horrible. This was unprecedented. Surely I'd have a lie down and feel back to myself by evening. But I had very little appetite for dinner. Then the aches and chills started. I got out a thermometer and found I was running a fever. What the heck? I guess my body got waaaaay stressed out from losing too much blood.

The night was miserable. I can't take Aspirin, Tylenol or any of that clique of fever-busting drugs. I tossed and turned and moaned and groaned. Finally at 3 am I remembered that I had a homeopathic remedy at the back of the bathroom cabinet, and dug it out. I'd never tried it before, but Hallelujah, it made me feel well enough to sleep.

This stuff works almost like magic.

Long story short, I'm still at home recuperating. Still keeping the fever down with doses of Oscillococcinum. (Sheesh - could they not have picked a name that's a little easier to spell?) Still feeling frustratingly weak. The annoying thing is that this was totally avoidable. I wish my doctor and/or the lab would have counted the days since my last blood tests and advised me to wait. You can bet that I'll be careful in the future.

So, sadly, I've been on the phone, progressively cancelling more and more of my weekend plans. I was supposed to be out right how having dinner with a friend. Tomorrow I'm missing singing practice (I'd be a fool to believe that I could stand up for 2 hours). And who knows about Sunday? If I'm not better by then I'll be missing two birthday parties. Super bummer.

Anyone out there want to give me a transfusion?


Anonymous said...

Aw, poor you! *Sending Hugs!*

I really do hope you feel better, Mina Harker. Now that Vlad Dracula has finished his work with you, maybe you can regenerate.

I'd suggest something if I could think of it. I'd volunteer a transfusion too, but I'm afraid you'd get sick from that. ;) (J/K)

powdergirl said...

Glad that unpronounceable remedy is working for you. I have a friend that swears by the stuff for colds.

Aw, poor Sparkly, missing all the weekend fun really sucks. I'm suprized the lab techs let you go out on your own after having so much trouble getting you up and running after the blood letting. Seems a little irresponsible to me.

Hope you manage to entertain yourself over the week-end, you could just blog all day...

BTW, I've been commenting here on previous posts, but some kinda gliche(that french for glitch) hasn't even been letting me comment on my own damn blog. Hmph.

What beautiful moles you have! Do I know you well enough to say that? LOL.

Feel better... Big Hug

Jenski said...

Blech. That is no fun. Hope rest and food and fluids help make you feel better! **hugs**

Logan said...

*Paging Dr. Alucard! Is Dr. Alucard on the floor?* Actually, Sparks, I've drawn off a couple of pints of mine for you, seeing as I'm nearly 2x your size. You'll just have to ... send ..someone to ..///////. get itttttttttttttt.

DarcsFalcon said...

Awww, poor Spark! *hugshugshugs* Poor baby. If I was there I'd give you as much A+ as you needed, I'm sure I have lots to spare.

I hope this isn't another flu relapse. That's really been a bugger for you this season. I know how awful it feels to always feel under the weather. I'll be praying for you.


wigsf said...

I'd give you some of my blood, but you know, I'm Italian. My blood type is tomato sauce. I don't think that is compatible.

Sparkling Red said...

darcknyt: Thanks! Yeah, I'll regenerate. The website I read said 4 - 6 weeks to get all the blood cells back. Then a relative who's a doctor told me 3 months. Hello! Can't we speed this process along a little? Anyway, I should be back on my feet sooner than that. After years of anemia I'm used to functioning with less than optimum blood levels. That's my normal.

powdergirl: Gliche, eh? That's a new one to me. :-) Yeah, I don't know what was up with the lab techs. I told them I couldn't stand up, but after they advised me to eat something they scooted out of the room and left me to fetch my apple from my handbag myself. This involved standing up. I worked it so that I slid off the table into a crouching position, and waddled like a duck to my bag. I made it, but it felt risky.

Jenski: The upside is that I'm fascinated by medical stuff. While I hate feeling sickly, there's a part of me that likes being my own medical experiment. I'm very curious to see what my blood test results will be.

Logan! Logan? Are you OK? Just stay there on the floor and don't try to get up too fast. Aw, who could ask for a better friend? Tell you what, put half that blood back where you found it, and send the other half to me. Then we'll both feel peachy. :-)

DarcsFalcon: Yes, that's something that I've been wondering, although I hadn't verbalized it. It could be that the flu virus from months ago was still hanging out, waiting for another chance to strike. Ai ai ai. Oh well, it is what it is. And if that's what it is I should start feeling better pretty soon, because that fever never stuck around for more than 3.5 days. Incidentally, I'm B +, just like my life philosphy. Be positive! Yes, it's hokey but it's true. ;-)

Sparkling Red said...

wigsf: Ah, I see. The rare and delicious TS + blood type. Canadian Blood Services must be constantly hounding you for donations. I hear that one is in high demand, especially when they're having their fundraising spaghetti dinners.

Jameil said...

omg! just reading this made me feel queasy & ready to black out. i must confess i had to skim the bottom half to keep myself safe! i like the thought of saving lives but after 3xs of it taking 25+ minutes for me to give blood (b/c my veins constrict partway through the process making it harder for the blood to flow), the latter part of that being painful, i don't give blood anymore. sorry i can't help you out w/that, kiddo. now i need to go lie down...

wigsf said...

Canadian Blood Services leaves me alone. It's the blasted Daily Bread Food Bank that hounds me.

Little Red said...

You poor, poor girl! :(

((((BIG HUGS 4 U!!!))))

I'd never heard of that drug, osci-whatever, but it's worth looking into. Thanks for passing the info along!

PS - When I first read the title of this post, I pictured Edward Cullen sucking all the blood out of your neck, but then I read about the needles, which are no fun at all. Feel better!!

Nicole said...

Och,..... :(
Hope it all gets solved one day (soon!) and you feel good again!

LL Cool Joe said...

I stopped reading after the word blood first appeared!

Get well soon! ((((hug))))

Warped Mind of Ron said...

{{HUGS}} Hope you feel better soon.

Dianne said...

I'll hug you if you promise to hug me back when you're feeling stronger

I haven't been visiting much because of all my own mishegas so I empathize

I won't go into detail cause this is about you - plus I have already gotten on my own last nerve and can't stand me

I was thinking about your wedding pics and how lively and lovely you are and how you just shouldn't be feeling like this

whose ass do I have kick? I'm ready

G said...


Hope things are getting better for ya...nothing worse than having a blood disorder to throw a wrench into things every now and again.

Sparkling Red said...

Jameil: I'm impressed that you've at least attempted donating blood to benefit others. Considering I can hardly manage it even for my own selfish purposes, I can safely say that you will never see me helping out the Red Cross in that capacity.

wigsf: Do you have parmesan dandruff?

Little Red: The lab tech was very nice, but she didn't look a bit like Edward Cullen. :-)

Nicole: It's now Tuesday and I'm back on my feet again, doing my normal routines. I'll be guarding my blood supply closely for the next few weeks.

LL Cool Joe: Sorry I keep writing so many medical posts lately. Honestly, it's nothing personal!

Ron: Thanks! The hugs are working. :-)

Dianne: Aw, thanks, you are sweet. It does get very tiresome when medical issues just won't go away. I'm lucky - this situation of mine was very temporary.

G: Every once in a while I indulge in self-pity, but I try to keep it brief. It could be so much worse. Today I'm counting my blessings. :-)

San said...

As is my habit, I've read your posts in descending chronological order. What I'm learning is you've gone from vampire-sapped to overwhelmed. I believe this represents progress, Spark.