Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2nd Anniversary

Yes!  We made it!  Ken and I have been officially together for 10 years.  We took our sweet time getting married.  Yesterday was only our second wedding anniversary, but really it meant more than that.

Ken surprised me with a gift.  A genuine Tokidoki handbag!  It's very cute, on a fantasy theme, with fire-breathing dragons, genies, and fairies printed on it.  Obviously awesome and a very generous gift.  Those bags don't come cheap.

He also said he would take me out for dinner, but first I should check in our furnace closet because there was some kind of leak and he was worried that it might have damaged something I had been storing in there.  Feeling a bit worried about the state of our pipes, I went to the closet and opened the door.  Everything looked normal.  I was confused. 

Ken was right there behind me saying "Hey, look, no leak!  But what's that on the floor?"  I looked down.  There was a big bag on the floor.  A Birks bag!  For those among you not in the know, Birks is the fanciest of all the Canadian jewelry retail chains.  Birks is the kind of store you go into to gawk at the $20,000.00 engagement rings and then run the other way quickly when the salespeople start to move in.

The Birks bag was full of boxes, all a signature shade of bright blue and tied with brown ribbons.  I was a little overwhelmed and couldn't bring myself to dig in right away.  Ken urged me on.  "Start with the smallest one," he said.

I opened the blue box.  The top lifted off smoothly to reveal a little brown box-within-a-box.  I took out the smaller box and popped the top.  It held a pair of lovely pink pearl earrings.  Don't let me hear you asking if they were real.  Everything at Birks is real. 

I put on the earrings immediately.  They are gorgeous, of course.  The next box revealed a pearl bracelet, and the next a matching necklace.  Not round, white pearls, but a soft selection of slightly odd-shaped ones in shades of pink, peach, ivory, champagne, pale plum, and soft grey.  They are highly iridescent, some of them almost to the point of appearing metallic.  Lovely, amazing, breathtaking.  I put them on.  Their weight rested smoothly against my skin.

I thought back to our conversation of the previous evening.  Ken had been casting about for a gift idea for me for our anniversary.  I suggested a piece of costume jewelry.  He asked me what I thought of pearls.  I said I liked them, but did he know that they're made of oyster snot?  They're basically, like, really expensive oyster boogers.

I would like to revise that statement publicly, if I may.  It was love at first sight with my shiny, silky pearls.  Ken never does anything by halves.  I love that about him, and it's one of the reasons why I married him.  He picked the perfect gift to always remind me of why he's the best husband in the world for me.


G said...

Congrabulations on your 2nd/10th anniversary, and what a fantastic set of presents given to you by your husband.

Jameil said...

Yay!! Happy Anniversary!! :) There's nothing like having the best man for you, is there??

DarcsFalcon said...

How cool is that! I have the perfect man for me, too! We're like twins! LOL

I'm so happy for you Spark. Congratulations on your #2/10. Those pearls sound divine - pictures please!!

Glad you had a wonderful day. :)

WhatIGotSoFar said...

Ooooh, snot earrings. Very romantic.

Sparkling Red said...

G: Thanks!

Jameil: Yup. I sure am lucky that we found each other.

DarcsFalcon: I will try to get a photo that does justice to the subtle colours. We'll see if my little camera is up to the task.

WIGSF: Pearls aren't alone in being constructed from gross biological processes. Even diamonds were originally rotting organic matter, like maybe dead dinosaur slime.

Lynn said...

What a nice way to present them - and a lovely gift. Happy anniversary!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Awesome and congrats on 2nd 10th anniversary. Ken sounds like a keeper that's fer sure!

LL Cool Joe said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Well done!

Sounds like you received some amazing gifts! Glald you had a wonderful day!

Pixiebaby said...

Congratulations! Sounds like the two of you had a lovely day :)

Jenski said...

You certainly found a winner! What a wonderful celebration of your years together.