Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Importance of Soup

I've been in my current job for 9 years.  I don't think I could find a better one if I tried.  That's one of the things that's been bumming me out lately; the owner of the business is now in his 70's and talking about retirement.  I'm not sure if the business will be able to survive without him*, and if it does it might not maintain the warm, supportive culture that makes it so special.  I know I should just count my lucky stars that I've had so many good years and leave the rest in God's hands, but it's tough not to cling to something so good.

*I'm not exaggerating about the survival question.  The nature of our business is such that the owner has had to face continual legal and financial challenges to keep it open.  Most of those challenges involved locking horns with powerful authority figures including the government and government-sanctioned regulatory bodies.  He's beaten all the challengers so far over more than 20 years.  I'm not sure if anyone else is up to the task.

It's a nurturing work environment.  I feel that my co-workers are closer to me than many members of my family.  Last week a woman on my staff brought in a giant container of homemade soup for all of us.  I was in the middle of a super-busy afternoon when she showed up at my office door with my portion, served up hot from the kitchen in a proper soup bowl, with two slices of multigrain baguette, still warm from the toaster, resting on a little napkin.

I swear that was the best bowl of soup I ever ate.  Carrot, potato, leek, and ginger, it was, with some magical blend of spices that made my eyes roll back.  I could probably get paid 30% more per year for what I do, in the corporate sector, but I bet I would be miserable.  I've worked in other companies, and they couldn't pay me enough to stay more than 6-12 months at a stretch.  Seriously, that soup was priceless.  It was made with love.

I'm praying that we get to enjoy love for as long as possible.


Jameil said...

yummmyyyy!! i've yet to work somewhere i didn't want to leave but i'm not worried. i'll find it.

DarcKnyt said...

Aw, how sweet! A nice, nurturing environment is worth a lot of dollars. I don't blame you for not wanting it to go away.

I'll pray it won't. :)

Lynn said...

That sounds like a lovely place to work. I hope it stays open.

So - could you get the recipe for the soup? :)

Pixiebaby said...

Your job does sound very unusual in a good way. It's so hard to find such a great environment. Hope it continues for a long time to come. The soup sounds delicious!

LL Cool Joe said...

I hope your job stays the way it is for a long time yet. You never know someone may replace the owner that is just as good, if not better. You never know really.

The soup made with love sounds perfect. :)

Jenski said...

Food made with love always tastes better. Having a work family is good for life, as in society would be better if everyone felt that way about their coworkers I think. :-)

G said...

Now that is kewl beyond comparison.

I haven't worked in that kind of atmosphere in almost ten years, so I agree that its incredibly hard to find that kind company to work for/with.

ghwace said...

I love soups! yumm.

-I resigned from my previous work after 6 years and it was effin hard to leave my officemates/friends, they were my second family.

-what more if its more than 9years, that must be harder.. :(

DarcsFalcon said...

Having a great place to work is the exception rather than the rule. Hopefully it won't be over too soon, like, no doubt, that yummy sounding soup was. I hope you got the recipe!

But who knows what might be in store for you, right? You just might become one of the new owners. :)