Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Renamed by a Polish Contractor

My parents' house is being renovated by a friendly Polish contractor.  He speaks English well, with a slight accent.

The Polish contractor has a soft spot for my parents' cats: Doodles (the lithe, active one) and Tinker (the big, lazy one).  He carries on conversations with them.  In fact, he has given them new nicknames, which my mother feels may suit them better than their original names.

Doodles, who is curious and has a burning desire to observe all of the work going on in the house, has been nicknamed "The Inspector".  Tinker, who has a burning desire to eat and then have his belly rubbed, has been nicknamed "Jumbo Boy".

I never liked their original names.  I used to call them Stinker and The Dude, but I may adopt Jumbo Boy and The Inspector.  Naming things, people, and pets properly is important.  I think that Polish contractor has a special gift for it. 


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Hmmm.... thinking maybe I should have named Scooter Senorita Gassy

Tracy Makara said...

Sounds like he has them pegged just right :) Naming pets is important. I had a few of my previous pets for a month before giving them a proper name. Some of them you just know right away, but a few take a but longer to get to know. Cute post!

Jenski said...

That's awesome. :-)

DarcsFalcon said...

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can be illuminating. :)

Lynn said...

That is so awesome that the contractor likes cats! Love those lovingly given nicknames.

When I was having my kitchen and bathroom remodeled, the contractor worked on the kitchen first and my cat hid most of the time he was there. By the time he went on to work on the bathroom, she decided he must be OK if he had a key to the house, so she slept on the futon in my home office where he could see her. By the time he was finishing up she was walking around while he was there and asking for treats. :)